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The Secret Side of Government That People Don’t See

The Secret Side of Government That People Don’t See

Entrenched theft. It’s standard operating procedure when it comes to government intervention in a society. In fact, it’s so prevalent that last year…

… the U.S. government took in over $4.5 billion dollars that was seized from Americans. (hat tip to here for the information)

Think about that: $4.5 billion. (That’s just the Federal take so that doesn’t include what your local police colleceted in ticket quotas.) Where did that get that from? Civil forfeiture. Melissa Quinn writes,

“Civil forfeiture is a tool that gives law enforcement the power to seize cash, cars, and houses if they are suspected of being related to a crime. Originally, the tool was viewed as a way to combat drug trafficking and money laundering. However, as law enforcement budgets have become increasingly strapped for cash—and forfeiture proceeds have increased—civil forfeiture has been dubbed “policing for profit” by critics.

“In recent years, a growing number of stories have arisen involving innocent Americans who had property forfeited yet were never charged with a crime. Additionally, civil forfeiture has been called a “gold mine” and “pennies from heaven” by the very law enforcement officials who benefit from the proceeds of cash, cars, and property forfeited.”

Now, catch the specifics here: the Feds get to keep what they take from people even if the crime is only suspected and no conviction is made.

In other words, police have a financial incentive to accuse you of crimes so that they can take your money and property based on the “suspicion” of a crime. And you wonder why the police state is getting worse.

In light of this, you may want to consider ways to make your property legally “disappear” so that it can’t be seized. What’s your take on this policing for profit? Comment below.

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