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The One Type Of Book That You Should Have When You Bug Out

The One Type Of Book That You Should Have When You Bug Out

Books. The sheer amount of information available these days is astonishing and the amount of information produced every day is growing. So, sometimes it is useful to sift through the information that you have available to focus on information that can help you accomplish your goals.

For example, when you think about bugging out, do you even consider having books with you in case you need that information? You do realize that you can’t keep every possible bit of useful information in your head, don’t you?

Even if you have considered carrying books with you when you bug out, there is one type of book that you should have with you that you probably haven’t even considered: old cookbooks.

Why? For several good reasons. For example, being in print, an old cookbook isn’t going to be useless to you in an EMP hit situation. This, of course, is in contrast to your smartphone or tablet.

You may, then, ask the question of why you would want to learn to cook specifically with old cookbooks. Great question. makes the point that you can learn to cook from scratch with an old cookbook:

“Before the early to mid-20th century, most people cooked from scratch because there was no other option.  At the same time, chores and household duties kept housewives busy with cleaning, laundry, sewing, and child-rearing.  Cooking had to be simple, and time efficient.  Old cookbooks – the types intended for housewives of the era – focused upon simplicity and efficiency.”

This will be especially useful in a SHTF situation because pancake mixes, for example, or other types of meal preparation “packs” (other than MREs) may not be readily available to use to create meals. Also, the lack of assumptions about modern equipment could be useful, too. Again, notes,

“Kitchens of years gone by included basic pantry staples as well as bowls, spoons, knives, some cast iron pots, a stove and an oven.  Stand mixers, Cuisinarts, microwave ovens, blenders, and bread machines did not exist or, if they did, were mostly tools for the newly rich and the wealthy.

As a result, recipes in older cookbooks required very little in the way of specialized equipment.”

More reasons may come to your mind as to why you should have old cookbooks at your bug out destination, but these practical reasons, in my mind, are sufficient reason to raid your grandmother’s bookshelves.

What books would you recommend that a person have with them when they bug out? Tell us below.



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  • Years ago there was a collection of survival manuals & cookbooks offered on microfiche with a simple folding hand-held optical reader that I Really wish I’d picked up. The collection consisted of over 200 books including the Foxfire series & it all fit in a small shoebox. I’d LOVE to see someone bring that set back into the market. it was completely EMP proof.

  • i believe you need just the books on survival,whether it be inner city or out in the woods/field……books like what plants/trees to use for flavoring your foods for health and medecine…..,books on how to trap and hunt…..,books on survival skills to help protect you/family and your surroundings from harm or even death……book to build smokeless fires and types of wood to use to build fires…..a book on how to store your food stash from spoiling or theft by animal/humans…

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