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The “Non-Lethal” Survival Threat You Need To Know About

The “Non-Lethal” Survival Threat You Need To Know About

Disaster situations can occur in variety of ways. Most people are concerned about the idea of a nuclear weapon or nuclear terrorism, riots, economic collapse causing looting, and societal unrest. But there is a non-lethal threat to your survival that you need to know about and to prepare for:


What is an EMP? EMP stands for Electro-Magnetic Pulse. This is a type of weapon that doesn’t use explosives to directly injure people and damage property (which is why I called it “non-lethal”), but whose effects are incredibly dangerous. In other words, it doesn’t directly kill you, unlike other types of bombs, but within a few days after an EMP attack, many people will likely die. Why? Because an EMP disrupts all electrical activity in its fallout area. This means no power (no electricity), no internet access, no radio, no television, no telephones (mobile or landline), no communications of any electronic sort.

An EMP basically shuts down modern technology in it’s affected area.

To make it even scarier, an EMP can happen because of an attack, such as detonating a nuclear device in the high atmosphere over an area, or due to natural disasters such as solar storm activity (storms on the surface of the sun) and solar flares (spouts of superheated gas that erupt from the surface of the sun). Think of it like a power outage that you experience during a thunderstorm (lightning can have an EMP affect), only lasting much longer.

If shot-dependent diabetics cannot keep their insulin refrigerated, how long before they die? If your business cannot communicate with buyers and shippers, your company cannot buy or sell or produce any profit to pay you. In other words, your personal economy (and much of the economy in that area) collapses. Grocery stores won’t be able to place orders to restock their shelves nor will they be able to process payments (no debit card payments, no electronic food stamp payments). People will get hungry and desperate. The impacts of this are much worse than most people have considered.

So, what do you do? You develop the skills now to be able to live completely off-grid. And I do mean completely. Learn how to purify water. Learn how to hunt and trap and how to grow your own food. Learn sanitation (yes, get (relatively) comfortable building and using an outhouse). Learn how to wash clothes without a washing machine. Learn how to defend yourself without being able to call the police (because, without a phone, you won’t be able to call them).

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It’s up to you to learn how to live like people did before the 20th Century revolution in electrical power. Will an EMP-type disaster last forever? Not likely. But you want to be able to survive it so that you can be here to enjoy it when the power and internet come back on, so you had better get started in preparing now.

What off-the-grid survival skills are you working on right now? Tell us below.

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