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The Easy-To-Make, Four-Ingredient Survival Food That Can Get Your Family Through A Crisis

The Easy-To-Make, Four-Ingredient Survival Food That Can Get Your Family Through A Crisis

One of the biggest challenges in a disaster situation is the lack of available resources. Among those key resources are drinkable water, electricity, and food. What do you do if you haven’t been able to put together a food locker before the disaster hits or if you can’t get to your food locker? What if your garden has been destroyed or looted by other members of the starving populace? How are you going to eat?

Fortunately, there is an easy-to-make, four ingredient food that keeps remarkably well and can get you through these tough times. Oh, and did we mention, you probably have the ingredients in your cabinet right now?

The food is called hardtack, and it has been used by explorers and pioneers for literally centuries to ensure that they had food to eat during long journeys and had to make sure that what they carried with them would store for a long, long time. Well, how does storing for years sound?

Yes, hardtack keeps for years without molding or spoiling, if kept dry, which is why pioneers and explorers depended on it. Well, that and the fact that you only need flour, sugar, salt, and a little water to make it. What is hardtack? Cody Assmann describes it this way:

“Hardtack refers to a type of biscuit or cracker that can last an extraordinary length of time. This bread is made with very little water, no yeast, and will keep in storage for years if kept dry. Hardtack’s ability to stay in storage for years without spoiling or molding was probably its greatest attribute. It is also lightweight, nearly indestructible, and contains an abundance of carbohydrates which makes it ideal for a person on the move.”

With these simple ingredients, even if you run out of your personal supply, three out of these four ingredients will be the easiest to find even during a disaster.

So, how do you make hardtack? Ellsworth Jaeger gives this recipe:

“Mix the dry ingredients [5 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1 teaspoon sugar], and then add just enough water to make a stiff dough. Roll out the dough to about ¼-inch thickness and cut it into sections. Bake them in a greased pan until the hardtack is bone-dry.”

Could it get any simpler than that?

So, with this easy recipe, maybe the first things that you put into your bug-out bag for food supplies are flour, salt, and sugar, along with your drinkable water. Or you can make your hardtack beforehand and put it in your bag for safe keeping.

How would you handle a food shortage in a disaster situation? Tell us below.

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