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The Coronavirus Could Make The Border Crisis Much Worse After One Discovery

The Coronavirus Could Make The Border Crisis Much Worse After One Discovery

Border Crisis

Illegal immigration to the U.S. hasn’t stopped despite the effects of the Wuhan virus.

Human traffickers are still attempting to bring in human cargo on dangerous runs north.

In fact, the coronavirus could make the border crisis much worse after one discovery.

Case numbers for the Wuhan virus continue to rise in the United States.

Despite the best efforts of the so-called mainstream media to blame reopening the economy for the sudden spike, it’s quite clear that the nationwide protests and riots were the key contributing factor.

Some Democrat jurisdictions were so desperate to sell the lie that the protests and riots had nothing to do with the rise in cases that they forbade contact tracers to inquire if those who tested positive had attended a protest.

However, the good news is the rise in cases is combined with a steady decline in the mortality rate.

The U.S. is testing prolifically and quarantining the most vulnerable members of the population.

But that won’t stop the corporate press from fear-mongering over the rise in cases.

And that’s why the border crisis could get much worse.

Even though Donald Trump shut down the border via executive order, traffickers from Mexico are still slipping into the country.

And the latest data shows Mexico is experiencing a spike in their coronavirus cases:

According to a PBS report:

“Mexico ranks seventh globally in pandemic deaths, with more than 26,000 reported fatalities from COVID-19, a figure considered a significant undercount because of the low testing rate.”

Other data suggests that the high positivity rate in Mexico could be significantly impacting border counties in the United States:

Democrats have a muddled message on the coronavirus regarding borders.They criticized Trump’s travel ban with China and his southern border lockdown, but attempt to scare Americans to stay indoors indefinitely.

According to leftist logic, it’s okay for unvetted people to come into the country, but Americans must take shelter until a vaccine arrives – which could very likely be never.

The truth is that globalists and the open-borders Democrats are lamenting the fact that the coronavirus has exposed some of the flaws of globalism.

Civic nationalism only makes sense at a time when the population is concerned about a virus and the economy is in tatters due to the lockdown.

But instead of operating in America’s best interest, the corporate press have done China’s bidding by repeating their propaganda.

Now is the time to get the border crisis under control before the pro-lockdown politicians use the inevitable rise in cases as a reason to shut down the economy seemingly forever.

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