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The America That Could Be

The America That Could Be

America. Land of the free. Home of the brave. Many of us grew up being taught that America was a special nation, favored by Providence, and destined for continued greatness. It’s a wonderful image to have, the image that where you live is a beacon of hope and prosperity and goodness, an example to the world.

And then, somehow, the ideals of Marxism began to work their ways into the media and into our government, into the hearts and minds of those who do not study history or look to the realities of the present. The people afflicted with this thinking began to value “equality of outcome” over “equality of opportunity,” and, so, we end up with people like Bernie Sanders becoming a viable candidate for President of the United States.

But, when asked what Sanders advocates, they can only typically tell you that they are democratic socialists who oppose corporate influence in government. Obviously, these American “democratic socialists” do not understand that Marxists in other countries call what they do democracy when it is “doing things in the name of the people whether the people wanted that or not.” (The American concept of democracy was picked up from Greece and is “the people making the choice of what to do whether the current government likes it or not.”)

Still, “democratic socialists” keep campaigning for that type of government and economy in the United States, so maybe we should inform them of what that actually means in real-life terms, not in academic theory. Fortunately for us (and unfortunately for the people living it), we have an example of what living in a socialist society really looks like. Now. In the real world. In our present time.

It’s not pretty.

Food shortages. Spending hours wandering through a store, hoping to get a handful of items because that is all that is available. Members of the socialist party getting food handouts (because they control the little that is left), and you can get a (very) meager box of food that might last you a few days if you “qualify” after they have checked out your financial standing, the size of your house, and your family. Oh, and that few days worth of food is supposed to last you and your family a month. See the video below (it’s less than four minutes).

So, this is what those who want “equality of outcome” want to do to us (though, to be fair, they may not have even thought it through enough to realize it). It’s a nightmare, and, considering how much support Sanders was able to get in this election season, it’s becoming a very real possibility for America.

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I would advice you to make your backup and bug out plans now, if you haven’t already, to prepare to grow your own food and be self-sufficient because, until people wake up in this country, it could get much, much worse than it already is.

What do you think the chances are of America falling into a Venezuela-type situation and why? Tell us below.

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