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Terrorists Are Trying To Target One Iconic Monument

Terrorists Are Trying To Target One Iconic Monument


The left has gone completely insane.

The so-called moderate liberals refuse to step up and say anything as the radical leftists take over.

Now leftist terrorists are trying to target one iconic monument.

The murder of George Floyd has given far-left extremists the green light to sow chaos across the country.

Nationwide protests have been escalated by opportunistic criminals, but also by political agitators like Antifa – now deemed a domestic terrorist organization.

The communist terrorists of Antifa and other left-wing activists are engaged in a cultural revolution where history must be destroyed.

They started with Confederate statues, sparking a debate about whether or not they should come down.

Many argued that local municipalities should vote to remove them entirely or move them to a museum as a reminder of America’s troubled past.

But now the leftists are destroying monuments without any type of vote.

In 2017, Donald Trump pondered if the radicals would tear statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Many in the so-called mainstream media scoffed at the notion, but now that’s exactly what’s happening.

There’s even talk of pulling down a statue in Boston of Abraham Lincoln emancipating a slave.

The Boston statue is a replica of a statue in D.C. which was paid for by freed slaves.

The leftists don’t care.

Like the Taliban destroying ancient Buddhist temples, the communist terrorists of the U.S. are devouring history.

Now they have their sights on the Alamo, the symbol of Texas independence.

A lawyer tweeted:

The thought of desecrating the Alamo has many Texas patriots ready to defend it.

Land Commissioner George P. Bush, son of Jeb Bush, issued a warning to the leftist radicals thinking about attacking the Alamo.

His statement read:

“The Alamo is the Shrine of Texas Liberty. And it will be defended. My office is closely watching the social media posts and rumors from protestors who are threatening to come to The Alamo. Rest assured we have already deployed, for several weeks and will continue to do so, the Alamo Rangers in partnership with SAPD, The Department of Public Safety and The National Guard to protect this sacred site. My message to the protestors is simple: Don’t mess with The Alamo.”

Bush’s stern message is much needed because Antifa and leftists in general are bullies.

They start by going after weak targets they know will give in.

The press is a soft target, which is why most media organizations tilt heavily to the left – that became clear as big media refused to cover the violent aspects of the Floyd protests.

It’s a shame a potential battle for the Alamo could happen again almost 200 years later.

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