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Terrorists Could be Attacking America With One Terrifying Weapon

Terrorists Could be Attacking America With One Terrifying Weapon

The threat of terrorism is very real.

America’s enemies will never stop coming up with methods to attack our way of life.

Now American enemies could be using one frightening method of attack to bring chaos to the United States.

America has seen horrific acts of terror in many different forms on her soil.

For years, U.S. authorities have war-gamed scenarios where the next attack could come from, such as an EMP bomb targeted at the country’s power grid.

Another potential method of attack is a biological weapon, but it could be delivered in a way not many saw coming.

Recently, it’s been reported that over 22 states have experienced measles outbreaks, confirming over 700 cases.

Back in 2000, the CDC reported that measles had essentially been eradicated in the United States.

Fewer than 20 years later, it’s back with a vengeance.

Some have argued that the root cause is the anti-vaccination movement, but many are ignoring another cause: illegal immigration.

In recent months, ICE reported they had quarantined roughly 2,000 illegal aliens for infectious disease outbreaks such as mumps.

Meanwhile, border officials are being completely overwhelmed by the constant wave of illegal aliens flowing toward the southern border.

Independent journalists who embedded themselves within the migrant caravans got dispositive proof that these caravans are being funded and organized by globalist groups.

It’s not a coincidence that one Central American caravan after another containing thousands of people are successfully making their way north.

They’re being provided with food, water, and transportation.

Globalists are adding gasoline to the immigration fire, and another flank of attack for nefarious U.S. enemies is using illegal aliens as carriers of infectious disease.

ICE isn’t equipped to handle these endless surges of people, and the Democrats in Congress are sitting on their hands.

Also, the so-called mainstream media—also known as the left’s mouthpiece—refuse to acknowledge the problems on the southern border.

They even ignore pleas from leftists who believe immigration is a problem.

Even the New York Times, a publication that hasn’t written an article skeptical of immigration since Mexican mogul Carlos Slim bought a major stake in the paper, may slowly begin to see what’s happening.

The conditions on the southern border are rife for exploitation by hyper-globalists and terrorists alike.

The scary fact is it wouldn’t be that difficult to transport a virus via human carrier.

The new infectious disease outbreaks across the country act as both potential test cases and stern warnings.

It’s more important than ever to be prepared for a protracted disaster.

There are too many bad actors on the political stage getting in the way of making sure that everyday Americans are being protected.

Make sure you’re stocked up on supplies and have protocols in place to handle quarantine or evacuation.

If you have specific medical needs, you need to be even more vigilant about having a healthy supply of medicine.

Don’t wait, act before it’s too late.



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  • It is becoming more apparent that leaders among the Democrats are insanely inept at everything other than stall, delay, and confuse tactics. Democrat leaders continue to make one stupid statement after another in an effort to divert attention away from their lack of an agenda. Their constant support of allowing illegal aliens to enter our borders is but another example of the stupidity that runs rampant throughout the Democratic Party. We are being invaded and the Democrats are welcoming the invaders with food, clothing, housing, and medical care. Our veterans should be so lucky as to have Democrats treat them as good as they treat aliens here illegally. The one thing Democrats have yet to understand is the political effect caused by Democrats registering illegal aliens to vote. People are being elected by non-citizen voters who will, once their numbers increase to a sizable demographic, start their own political party and simply vote themselves into the White House. Once these aliens gain control, democracy is dead in the United States. No, I am not an alarmist, but, instead, I am a realist. That Pelosi, Waters, et al refuse to acknowledge this scenario is most disconcerting.

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