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There’s One Terrifying Thing That’s Threatening Everyone’s Security

There’s One Terrifying Thing That’s Threatening Everyone’s Security

Big Tech

Security is paramount to all survivalists.

A characteristic of this lifestyle is preparation in order to minimize harm and suffering in the face of crisis.

But there’s one frightening thing that presents a true threat to everyone’s security.

Most preppers have a solid plan for defending their property.

They’re also believers in having strong OPSEC (operational security).

However, one area that everyone—including preppers—needs to pay more attention to is online security and big tech surveillance.

As society becomes more and more technology-based, it’s time for privacy and security to catch up.

The digital age moves so quickly and the population as a whole has not kept up in terms of privacy.

People are being spied on in a massive way that’s only going to get worse.

In the past, people were fearful and skeptical of the government violating their privacy.

While that’s still a serious concern, tech giants like Google and Facebook have far more information on the citizenry than the NSA could ever dream of.

People voluntarily give their information to the tech overlords.

The population willingly gives out facial recognition, voice recognition, and thumbprints to tech companies for the convenience of unlocking smartphones.

Thus far, big tech has mostly beaten back pressure from the government to violate privacy.

Apple famously refused to unlock the phone of someone the FBI was investigating for terrorism.

However, that line is beginning to blur.

Big tech firms are almost exclusively controlled by leftists who agree with big government on the topic of censorship.

Leftists have been trying to chip away at free speech for ages in order to control political discussion and big tech is doing their dirty work.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg even asked to be regulated by the government.

That should be a red flag to anyone.

When a massive corporation like Facebook is begging to be regulated, it’s not out of altruism.

Zuckerberg wants to free himself from liability and create massive barriers to entry for any competitors; mega-corporations often write the regulations that the politicians implement.

The coziness between big tech and the government is especially concerning when factoring in how much information these companies have.

The Washington Post recently wrote a piece about how Chrome, Google’s web browser, was aggressively using cookies, data that attaches to the web browser and supplies information about your browser history.

And Facebook has profiles for virtually everyone, even people who’ve never used the site.

Facebook creates shadow profiles by using data culled from people who are connected to the social network.

There’s a terrifying opportunity for these companies to use this data in a negative way.

Plus, it’s impossible to know what these companies are doing behind the scenes.

Whistleblowers at major Silicon Valley companies have uncovered overt bias against conservatives.

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The executive braintrust has essentially vowed not to let 2016 happen again in 2020.

Their hatred of Trump and conservatives has caused them to take vile action.

For example, Pinterest was removing pro-life content and condemning it under the rubric of pornography.

Google is already working with the authoritarian Chinese regime on AI in order to better control the populace.

And European “hate speech” laws have seen citizens actually go to jail for saying anti-politically correct things online.

If Americans aren’t careful, it’s only a matter of time before that level of censorship and surveillance makes its way to our shores.

We’re already halfway there.

One way to combat this is to be vigilant about web security.

Consider a VPN (virtual private network) to hide your IP address.

That will give you a layer of protection against those who would steal your data.

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