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Terrifying New Technology Could Be Used To Take Away Your Freedom

Terrifying New Technology Could Be Used To Take Away Your Freedom


Our freedom is constantly under assault.

People with an authoritarian mindset are always looking for ways to impose their will on others.

And one terrifying new form of technology could be used to take away your freedom.

The terms “Orwellian” and “dystopian” almost seem overused at this point, but they’re the most accurate terms we have to describe what the radical left is doing.

They want top-down control in order to engineer society how they see fit.

This is incredibly clear in China where the communist government has engaged in flagrant human rights abuses and spies on its citizens on a chilling scale.

They’ve literally implemented policies that were seen in the sci-fi and technology-skeptical show “Black Mirror.”

China has a social credit system that bars people from travel within the country if their “score” is too low.

They’ve also designed a camera that can identify faces among crowds of thousands of people.

Now authoritarian governments have a new piece of technology to control the public: microchips.

In Sweden, between 5,000 and 10,000 people have already implanted microchips in their hands.

The chips can open car doors, confirm ID, and pay for items at stores.

While this might sound convenient, it doesn’t take long to realize the nightmare this would be in the hands of the wrong person, particularly a totalitarian government.

The entire population could immediately be tracked in real time – at all times.

Combined with China’s terrifying social credit scoring system, it could become impossible to function in society if you’re viewed as hostile to the state.

You could be barred from buying food if you have the wrong opinions.

But if you think something that extreme could never happen in America, think again.

We’re already seeing forms of it here.

Prominent conservatives and Trump supporters have been kicked off social media platforms and even banned from certain banks.

Payment processors, such as MasterCard, have also strong-armed companies like PayPal and Patreon into banning personalities they don’t like.

For example, radical Islam critic Robert Spencer was barred from raising funds for a new studio due to pressure from MasterCard.

And the NSA’s abuses have also been exposed in recent years.

Freedom is not a given.

In fact, tyranny has been the standard throughout human history.

The American republic is an experiment that must be defended by every generation.

It’s more important than ever to advocate for First and Second Amendment rights.

They’re essential to the freedom of any society.

The raging Hong Kong protests – where citizens are waving the American flag in opposition to their communist overlords – should be a clear sign of how tenuous freedom can be.

With a government that’s grown too powerful, this microchip technology could spell doom for future freedoms.

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