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One New Terrifying Health Crisis Is Killing People

One New Terrifying Health Crisis Is Killing People


Wellness is one of the chief concerns for any survivalist.

Anything ranging from poor hygiene to a full-blown pandemic can pose a serious threat.

Now there’s one new terrifying health crisis that’s killing people.

Homelessness has gotten completely out of control, and the problem is the worst in liberal metropolises on the west coast.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle are having a particularly pronounced homelessness crisis.

Failed liberal policies have determined it “compassionate” to let mentally unwell people who are unable to take care of themselves roam the streets with impunity.

San Francisco actually created a phone app to alert citizens of human feces on the street.

Los Angeles is experiencing a sharp increase in infectious diseases such as typhus, which had been controlled for years, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

And now the homelessness problem on the west coast just got even worse.

According to health officials, seven people over the past two months have died in San Diego as a result of flesh-eating bacteria from intravenous black tar heroin use.

Symptoms from the bacteria include severe pain around the injection site, swelling, pale skin that quickly becomes discolored, blisters with rancid discharge, fever, profuse sweating, and an accelerated heart rate.

If untreated, it can damage the muscles and lead to amputation or death.

Health officials also believe that this heroin is responsible for 13 instances of wound botulism in Southern California.

Botulism is a toxin that causes paralysis that can spread throughout the body and lead to death.

The origin of the heroin has yet to be determined, but it is believed that the homeless population is vulnerable to contracting and spreading the illness.

Black tar heroin is cruder and cheaper than pure heroin, which increases the likelihood of serious infection.

Health officials in the area have been put on high alert.

Politicians don’t seem to have any legitimate solutions to the problems that are arising from homelessness.

They’re predictably calling for more funding and higher taxes, but that solution has been completely ineffective.

All it’s done is bloated the homelessness bureaucracy while increasing the number of homeless.

Other politicians have stated that the issue is affordable housing, but they’re the same people who make building regulations incredibly prohibitive, which leads to a housing shortage and rising rents.

This cascade of bad policy has only poured gasoline on the problem.

Some cities are resorting to unbelievable measures to solve the issue.

One city in California is considering interning homeless people and putting them into conservatorship, which is a jaw-dropping action.

New York City is literally paying to put their homeless people on buses and sending them to other cities, which has prompted a lawsuit.

The solution isn’t simple, but it first has to begin with respecting the rule of law.

Nobody has the right to set up tent cities on public property and break the law at will.

Unless the problem gets fixed, these public health issues are only going to get worse and threaten the well-being of all citizens.

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