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One Terrifying EMP Threat Just Got More Serious

One Terrifying EMP Threat Just Got More Serious

EMP Threat

An EMP attack on American soil would be catastrophic.

Without proper readiness, such an attack could kill millions.

And now the threat of an EMP attack just got more serious.

China is America’s greatest geopolitical threat.

The authoritarian state just celebrated its 70th year of communist rule, and during the celebration, unveiled new military weapons that pose a significant threat.

President Xi Jinping boasted that nobody could stand in China’s way.

In addition to the newly unveiled weapons, China has been working on an EMP weapon that could devastate a country’s power grid if delivered with one of their new missiles.

If an EMP were deployed, it could kill 90% of the people on the coast, according to one analyst.

Making matters worse, China is becoming increasingly belligerent and have ramped up military exercises and built islands in the South China Sea.

After years of stealing intellectual property and benefiting from wildly unbalanced trade deals, Donald Trump is pushing back, and China doesn’t like it.

Because they have become such a major exporter of manufacturing goods, security experts believe the Chinese could begin installing spyware into their exported products.

The Department of Defense has already begun removing funding from U.S. colleges that take money for Confucius Cultural Exchange Centers, which have been exposed as Chinese communist infiltration and propaganda centers on American campuses.

The Confucius centers have also been used to spy on Chinese nationals whom the communist party fears could be susceptible to acculturation of American values of freedom.

China also has significant economic influence over North Korea—another rogue state that’s been experimenting with EMP technology.

Without China acting as a buffer, North Korea could be more compelled to ramp up military testing.

China is also getting exasperated with Hong Kong where pro-freedom protests have raged on for several weeks.

Hong Kong has a legacy of freedom and they refuse to give into communist coercion from the mainland.

The protests have been a great source of embarrassment for China, as many protesters are waving the American flag and pleading for Second Amendment rights to defend themselves.

China’s unsettling influence in America was exposed when several businesses were strongly discouraged from speaking in support of the protesters or remained silent altogether when asked.

None of these developments are good for China, which means they’re more likely to strike militarily if they feel they’re losing with their subversive tactics that have been in place for decades.

This could all cause the perfect storm for a crippling EMP attack, which is precisely why you should be prepared.

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