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One Terrifying Antifa Execution Is Even Worse Than Imagined

One Terrifying Antifa Execution Is Even Worse Than Imagined


Antifa is beginning to escalate its violent attacks on America.

Months of endless riots have led to death and destruction of public property and businesses.

And one terrifying Antifa execution is even worse than imagined.

Portland has turned into ground zero for far-left radicalism.

Over the past few years, it’s become commonplace to see Antifa terrorists marching down the streets waving the hammer and sickle banner.

Their increased violent activity is why Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr designated them a terrorist organization.

However, due to the feckless leadership of Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown, far-left violence has only gotten worse in Portland.

Recently, an extremist kicked an innocent man in the head, nearly killing him, and now they’re escalating to execution-style hits.

Michael Reinoehl, who described himself as “100% Antifa,” murdered Aaron Danielson, a member of the group Patriot Prayer.

After Reinoehl was identified as a suspect, he gave an interview to Vice and said he acted in self-defense because he was protecting a friend of color.

This is a disgusting lie.

Audio of the incident suggests Reinoehl and his comrades were targeting right-wingers, and surveillance video now shows him lying in wait for his prey.

Even Portland District Attorney Mike Schmidt, who’s admitted to being old friends with an Antifa organizer, said Reinoehl’s self-defense story was bunk.

An affidavit from Schmidt’s office said that Reinoehl “appeared to be targeting the victim prior to the shooting” and that “allegedly hid in a parking garage, waiting for Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, 39, and another Patriot Prayer member.”

There’s also evidence to suggest that Reinoehl coordinated the hit with other Antifa members, but he was killed after he engaged in a firefight with U.S. Marshals attempting to arrest him.

The social decay in Portland is a direct result of rule of law not being upheld.

Even worse, the Democrat Party barely acknowledges Antifa exists.

Congressman Jerry Nadler recently called Antifa a “myth.”

Journalists have childishly run with the narrative that Antifa are simply “antifascists” because it’s in their name.

Some even compared Antifa to the American soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.

The apologetics for Antifa have been disturbing.

Not only that, warnings about the group have been censored on social media.

So according to the left, Antifa doesn’t exist, but if they do, they’re just like American soldiers on D-Day, and if you talk about them on Facebook, the post might get censored.

It cannot be overstated that Antifa is a violent anarchocommunist group hellbent on the destruction of the United States.

And they’re proving it every single day.

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