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Ted Cruz Makes A Scary Prediction For Amy Coney Barrett’s Hearings

Ted Cruz Makes A Scary Prediction For Amy Coney Barrett’s Hearings

Ted Cruz

The Senate will begin their hearings to determine if Amy Coney Barrett should be confirmed as the next SCOTUS.

However, the Democrats are not happy with this news.

Now, Ted Cruz makes a scary prediction for Amy Coney Barrett’s hearings.

He has stated that he believes the Democrats will try anything to stop her confirmation.

Given their past track record, this should worry many people.

In a segment of NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Ted Cruz explains at length his belief that the Democrats are going to cause major problems for Barrett’s confirmation.

He started by saying they would absolutely pull some “shenanigans” to disrupt her confirmation hearing.

“I think we’re going to see, by the way, some more procedural games and shenanigans. I don’t know what they’re going to do, whether it’s try to boycott meetings or try to impeach the president.”

Cruz admits he does not know the exact actions the Democrats will take nor does he know to what lengths they will go, but he is confident they will try and stir up as much trouble as possible.

Additionally, Cruz expressed his opinion that the Democrats’ strategies – whatever they may be – would not work to stop Barrett from being confirmed as the next SCOTUS.

He stated:

 “The delay tactics of the Democrats aren’t going to work. I think they are looking for anything to delay things even a day or two or three.”

Cruz believes they will seek only to disrupt and delay, not destroy current governmental structures.

He also believes the Republicans will not be swayed by the Democrats’ attempts to stop their proceedings.

In response to medical concerns about the coronavirus, he replied that he believes Senate Republicans will “follow the guidance, the medical guidance of the Capitol physician, and we’ll go through — we’ve managed to have hearings for months in a way that has been safe and has protected everyone’s safety. We do it socially distanced, we do it following medical guidance, and we’ll continue following the medical guidance.”

He continued, stating the fact that the GOP will have enough votes to confirm Barrett before Election Day.

Of course, the Democrats are betting against that, but Cruz reiterated that they will have enough votes.

Senate Democrats have been doing all they can to delay these proceedings.

On a RedState blog, he expressed his concern about the Democrats’ response to the Republicans refusal to halt Barrett’s confirmation:

“The GOP’s refusal to acquiesce to these demands will likely push Democrats to pursue more extreme measures to delay or stop Barrett’s confirmation. House Democrats have threatened to launch another impeachment effort against President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr. Others have even indicated that they might boycott the proceedings.”

However, as Senator Cruz said, it is apparent that the Democrats are mostly bark and no bite.

Democrats will not take extreme measures – desperate as they may be – because they have neither the resources nor the support to enact such a move.

More of this story will continue to unfold after Barrett’s hearings.

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