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One New Piece Of Technology Will Put Your Privacy In Jeopardy

One New Piece Of Technology Will Put Your Privacy In Jeopardy

Super Camera

Technology is developing at an incredibly rapid pace.

And the threat of government using these advances to squash the rights of citizens is growing at the same rate.

Now one new piece of technology could put your privacy in serious jeopardy.

A new “super camera” invented in China has the capability of using facial recognition on thousands of faces in a crowd all at once.

Current surveillance cameras don’t have the ability to provide clear facial data on thousands of subjects all at once, but the 500-megapixel super camera can.

This is terribly frightening in the hands of the communist Chinese government, which has no compunction about trampling the rights of citizens.

China has already implemented a social credit system that punishes citizens for “bad behavior,” restricting their ability to travel within the country.

If this sounds like a nightmarish science-fiction story, it should.

China is actively implementing policies and technology found in the dystopian sci-fi series “Black Mirror.”

With the super camera in its clutches, the communists in control will ramp up their social control efforts.

The facial recognition data can immediately be linked to personal data that the state has collected on individuals.

But even though this is happening in China, Americans need to be paying very close attention.

This technology will eventually be coming to the states, in fact several American tech giants are in lockstep with this big-government agenda.

Google is already working with the Chinese government and they’ve begun designing “smart cities” in the west.

Smart cities will have a terrifying level of surveillance similar to what we’re seeing in China.

Google is arguably the most powerful company that’s ever existed, and branching out into blatant surveillance should be terrifying to all Americans.

Not only can Google manipulate their algorithm to determine what you see when you search for a topic, but they also have more information on the citizenry than the National Security Agency does.

As progressives in every facet of society are pushing the country to the far left, they’re laying the foundation for a staggering surveillance state on a scale never seen before.

Each day, the actions of the left resemble George Orwell’s prescient novel “1984.”

But the reason why Orwell’s book seems so accurate in predicting the socialist left of today is because he was writing about the socialists of 1948.

These radical leftists haven’t changed.

They’ve only gotten more clever about cloaking their identities and using multiple avenues to achieve their goals, especially with the advancements in technology.

For example, liberals claim to be against government abuses of power, but there are silent leftist regimes—in America or around the globe—abusing power.

Several mainstream media articles have come out against the protesters in Hong Kong who are trying to protect their freedom from the mainland communists.

This ever-expanding threat of government is precisely why more people are getting serious about survivalism.

The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen and the smaller their freedoms.

The First and Second Amendments are what protect Americans from tyranny, and with government expanding all the time—as evidenced by the acceleration of the surveillance state—defense of those rights are more important than ever.

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