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This Tech Giant’s Next Big Move Will Trigger an Economic Apocalypse

This Tech Giant’s Next Big Move Will Trigger an Economic Apocalypse

Democrats want to silence all voices that disagree with them.

They don’t have the power to stifle free speech, but the giant tech companies who are in ideological lockstep with them are making chilling strides to help them with censorship.

Now one tech giant is planning a censorious move that would bring about a global catastrophe.

Facebook is looking to break into the cryptocurrency marketplace.

This is frightening news.

The advantage of cryptocurrency is it provides decentralized control, so users can engage in commerce free of government currency manipulation.

For example, price controls, hyperinflation, and other socialist policies destroyed Venezuela’s economy, and some citizens have used cryptocurrency to buy common goods such as toilet paper and diapers.

If Facebook were to get a big foothold in the cryptocurrency market, they would essentially function as a government.

As paper currency becomes less and less relevant, electronic commerce will be the only way to do business.

So if you have to use Facebook to engage in business, you have to be allowed on that platform.

And recently, Facebook has shown that they will ban individuals for having the “wrong” opinions.

Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Gavin McInnes, and other right-leaning personalities have been kicked off the platform for having “dangerous” opinions.

Making matters worse, the liberal media were in on it.

Facebook told them in advance the bans were happening so they could roll out coordinated hit pieces on the banned individuals.

If the threat of giant companies barring conservatives from utilizing financial institutions seems far-fetched, it’s already happening.

Chase bank has banned members for expressing pro-Trump views.

Patreon blocked anti-Islamic radicalism expert Robert Spencer from fundraising for a new studio on the orders of MasterCard.

MasterCard is currently holding internal discussions on whether or not they should expand their censorship efforts.

PayPal has also banned users with the “wrong” opinions.

This is how the left plans to get around the First Amendment.

Their power is based on lying to the public, so they have to do whatever they can to control the narrative.

They didn’t foresee social media sites having such a corrosive effect to their information monopoly, so this time they’re planning ahead.

Now that the public square has essentially moved online, leftists want to use the tech giants to control your ability to think, and your ability to do business.

This is a nightmare scenario that’s already taking place in China.

The communist government instituted a credit system that rates people based on their speech and behavior.

Facebook’s push is still in its early stages, but their endgame is very clear.

They want to bend society to their will.

Enough people are waking up to the left’s lies, so Facebook’s attempt to become a de facto government could trigger an economic crisis.

Don’t let Facebook or any other tech company control your life.

Now might be a wise time to hedge against economic collapse with an investment in precious metals like silver.

And be prepared to go off the grid if necessary.

Facebook, Twitter, and these other tech oligopolies only have power if we give it to them.

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