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One Tech Company Is Spying On You In A Nightmarish Way

One Tech Company Is Spying On You In A Nightmarish Way


Tech surveillance is a scary reality.

The privacy of the American people has never been so fragile.

And one tech giant is spying on you in a nightmarish way.

It seems like Facebook and Google are in a run-and-gun battle for which can be the most ominous tech giant.

Both companies were seen as widely positive and revolutionary for their ability to bring people together.

However, these Big Tech platforms are now using their immense power to divide people.

Facebook and Google are massive corporations with an ideological bent that skews heavily to the left, as is evidenced by whistleblowers and dissenters who were summarily dismissed.

This means top executives can and do use their mega platforms to push a particular political ideology.

And that makes what Facebook is doing even scarier.

Facebook is the latest tech giant to confirm that they hired outside contractors to transcribe private communiqués between users of Facebook messenger.

The audio-to-text function had to be toggled on, but users didn’t know that their messages were actually being logged by humans in order to test for accuracy and functionality.

In addition to Apple and Google, that also have voice-activated features, Facebook says they ended the practice of human reviewers.

However, people were only made aware of the human component after the fact.

Messenger users would’ve been far less likely to communicate on the platform had they known their privacy was so leaky.

This is more power than even the NSA has.

Even though Facebook says they stopped the practice, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has proven to be untrustworthy in the past, and it’s impossible to know if the transcribed messenger conversations were purged or if they remain on servers somewhere.

Knowing Facebook’s past, the frightening reality is that the latter is probably true.

Facebook actually creates shadow profiles for people within the sphere of Facebook users.

So even if you’ve never opened a Facebook account, if you have a relative who lists you by name on their page, you have a shadow profile.

The most chilling detail in all of this is Facebook’s left-wing politics that permeate the company.

Zuckerberg once hosted a town hall for Barack Obama at Facebook headquarters, and he was once captured on a hot mic telling German Chancellor Angel Merkel that the company was “working on” a way to control the conversation on mass European migration.

One shudders to think what a company like Facebook could do with users’ private messenger information.

It’s time to start getting serious about network security and scaling back reliance on online services.

Yes, the internet is now a part of our daily lives and allows us to be more efficient with our time.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t unplug at times to make sure we can survive without it.

Not to mention, living off the grid for a week is a great way to prepare for a major emergency.

Regardless, be very careful about the messages you send on Facebook, if you’re still using the app at all.

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