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These Habits Will Make You A Target For Dangerous Criminals

These Habits Will Make You A Target For Dangerous Criminals


Unfortunately, crime is a part of life everyone has to deal with.

And criminals are always on the hunt for easy targets.

Here are habits to break so you won’t be a mark for a criminal.

Liberals believe that the best way to stop crime is by telling criminals not to commit crimes.

This child-like view of the world is what gets people attacked, robbed, and even killed.

There has been a spate of recent stories chronicling liberals who were killed in foreign countries because they denied the reality that there are some bad people out there.

Here are a few suggestions to keep you from being in the crosshairs of a criminal.

First, don’t leave your backpack or purse unattended.

Bold thieves will grab your bag in an instant and take off if they see an opening.

Make sure your belongings are always on your person.

Next, don’t leave items in plain sight in your car.

It’s too inviting for a thief to break your window and steal a bag, an iPod plugged into your stereo, and even loose change.

And especially don’t leave items in plain sight that display your address, such as a piece of mail.

If you have a nice car, criminals could get your address off an envelope and scope out your place.

Incidents like this happen all the time.

Also, don’t leave your house windows open.

If you need to open the window to let air circulate or cool down your house, try not to leave ground-level windows open.

If you do, have some type of alarm system in place and protocols in place for when a burglar intrudes.

Open windows can be an invitation to a determined criminal.

Next, practice good cybersecurity habits.

Consider getting a VPN (virtual private network) to shield your IP address and better protect your sensitive data against hackers.

And be very wary of phishing scams.

Don’t automatically click on a link in an email, even if it’s from a trusted email address.

Sometimes friends’ accounts get hacked, and then mass emails will be sent to everyone in their address book.

If the friend’s email phrasing is odd or simply contains a link without any context, follow up with them to make sure they did indeed send you the link.

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And avoid passwords that are easily guessable.

Furthermore, if you go out of town and you receive the newspaper, have a neighbor collect the paper so it doesn’t pile up on your doorstep.

That’s a red flag for any burglar that your house is a likely easy target.

This is where neighbors and good alarm systems can come in handy.

There are services that trigger an alert on your phone no matter where you are if there’s a security breach, or even if someone rings your doorbell.

Finally, if you’re driving through an unfamiliar neighborhood, particularly a rough part of town, make sure you know exactly where you’re going.

Driving around, circling, and creeping are clear signs to a criminal that you don’t know where are, and you could be ripe for an attack.

In some areas, gangs even stop cars if they don’t recognize them.

Avoid situations like this by knowing exactly where you’re going and where you can safely park.

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