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Joe Biden
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Biden Reversed One Trump Policy That Just Ignited The Border Crisis

Joe Biden isn’t wasting any time unraveling the successful policies put in place during the…

Donald Trump
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This World Leader Was Shocked At What Big Tech Did To Donald Trump

The horrific Capitol Hill riots have emboldened the Democrat Media Complex beyond their wildest dreams.…

Peter Navarro
Trump Official Just Offered A Major Warning About China

America has ignored the rising threat of communist China. Donald Trump was one of the…

Donald Trump
Top Officials Betrayed Trump With One Lie That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Donald Trump has been fighting against the deep state for four years. Many within the…

Donald Trump
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Trump Made One Comment That Proves The Border Crisis Is Worse Than Imagined

Illegal immigration continues to be an ongoing problem for the United States. Democrat policies and…

Donald Trump
Trump Administration Pushing To Solve The Border Crisis With One Move

Illegal immigration remains one of the top issues facing America. Drug smugglers and human traffickers…

Scott Atlas
Trump Official Being Censored About COVID-19 For An Unbelievable Reason

The Democrats response to the Wuhan virus has been terrifying. Virtually everyone in the party…

Donald Trump
The Trump Administration Just Won A Major Battle On The Border Crisis

The Wuhan virus has not put a stop to the issue of illegal immigration. Border…

Donald Trump
Trump Announced One Encouraging Coronavirus Breakthrough

The Wuhan virus continues to make 2020 one of the worst years in recent history.…

Donald Trump
Trump Officials Took One Big Step To Help The Border Crisis

Illegal immigration continues to be a serious issue in the midst of the Wuhan virus.…