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Surviving an Urban Disaster is Impossible Without These Five Guidelines

Surviving an Urban Disaster is Impossible Without These Five Guidelines

Urban Survival

Urban survival comes with many intimidating challenges.

Metropolitan areas can easily descend into chaos in light of a widespread disaster.

Here are five guidelines for surviving such urban crises.

If you’ve already embarked on your survivalist journey, you’ve probably already got a bug-out bag at the ready, and perhaps a bug-out vehicle, too.

You might even have a bug-out location in a rural area, such as a cabin in the woods.

But perhaps you don’t, or fleeing an urban center is temporarily impossible for a host of reasons.

Congested streets, natural disasters, government checkpoints, and quarantine could all be reasons why you can’t get away to your ideal safe haven.

That’s when urban survival becomes crucial.

Some argue that urban survival is ultimately impossible because of limited resources and population congestion.

However, urban survival is doable, even for an extended amount of time, if you’ve made necessary preparations.

These five guidelines can help you weather a crisis until it’s over, or at least until it’s feasible to escape the city.

  1. Stockpile water and food

People can survive three days without water and three weeks without food, so you’re going to need a very healthy supply of both, particularly water because of the added need for proper hygiene.

Unsanitary conditions can kill you just as fast—if not faster—than anything else.

You can never have an overabundance of water on hand.

Water is arguably the chief reason why long-term urban survival poses a huge problem.

Major cities don’t often have easily available fresh water, and if they do, accessing it will probably be dangerous.

That’s why you need to take matters into your own hands with a robust stock of water.

As for food, MREs, canned foods, and calorie-dense items with long shelf lives should be the goal.

  1. Have a generator

Another huge challenge of urban survival is a lack of energy.

If the power grid is down, cities become completely unworkable.

And if the power is out for too long, civil unjust quickly follows.

That’s why having a backup power source like a generator is invaluable.

Power will make food preparation and heating much easier and much more efficient.

  1. Stockpile firearms

Let’s face it.

If a major disaster befalls an urban sprawl, crime and lawlessness will skyrocket.

Fear of scarcity will cause some people to do heinous things, so be prepared to defend your home and resources.

Make sure you have ample firepower and ammunition to protect yourself against intruders.

  1. Fortify your house

Even if you’re heavily armed, the use of deadly force should be a last resort.

Make it as difficult as possible for intruders to breach your home.

If only your bunker is secure, that will limit your free range of motion, which has its challenges, both physical and mental.

  1. Have first-aid supplies

Rudimentary first-aid skills and supplies are a must, because medical help is not one phone call away.

If you have a medical condition that needs specific care or prescription drugs, plan out ahead and make sure you have enough of a supply to tide you over.

Urban survival is very difficult, but if you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll give yourself a chance.

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