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How to Survive These Terrifying Natural Disasters

How to Survive These Terrifying Natural Disasters


Arguably no force is more devastating than mother nature.

If you’re not prepared for what hand nature deals you, the consequences can be deadly.

Here’s how to survive these terrifying natural disasters.

Natural disasters can cause untold amounts of damage to people and property.

Being caught off guard is one of the biggest mistakes people can make.

Waiting and reacting to a crisis in the moment is a sure way to end up in precarious situations.

Here are some tips to avoid some of the natural disasters that might be thrown your way.


Hurricanes are one of the most powerful forces that nature can summon.

Entire regions, particularly island nations, can be devastated by the effects of a hurricane.

The best way to combat a hurricane is to stay apprised of what’s happening with storms during hurricane season.

Although hurricanes are devastating, they give a good amount of advanced warning.

Have a designated bug-out location outside the hurricane’s radius, and head out of town as quickly as possible if a direct hit is looking like a possibility.

If you wait too long, you’ll find yourself in gridlock on the roads.

If bugging out isn’t an option, make sure your home has hurricane shutters, and if you have an underground bunker, all the better.

Have a stock of supplies handy because going to the store for resources won’t be an option. 


Tornadoes aren’t as powerful as hurricanes, but they can be even more deadly because they give far less notice.

Some storms can form and hit in less than an hour.

That doesn’t give much time to get your affairs in order, so you have to be prepared ahead of time to take decisive action.

Having an underground bunker would help immensely if you live in Tornado Alley.

You’ll also need a healthy stock of supplies to get you through the rough patches of a storm.

And even though tornado detection is difficult because of how quickly storms formulate and move, you still need to pay close attention during tornado season.


Wildfires are incredibly dangerous and can sneak up on you very quickly.

If you’re in an area that’s threatened by forest fires, don’t take any chances, and bug out as soon as you can.

Not only can the fires spread rapidly and raze entire cities to the ground, but smoke inhalation can also be just as deadly.

So even if your community is out of reach from the fire, porous air quality could do significant damage.


Assuming you can’t simply go to a warmer climate for the harsher parts of the winter, you need to be prepared for snowstorms.

Over 1,300 people die each year due to extreme cold.

The best way to avoid this is to make sure that your home insulation is up to standard.

Poor insulation is a quick way to allow more cold air inside.

Poor insulation also causes your heating unit to work harder, which can stress the unit and cause it to fail.

Making sure your heating unit is functioning properly is also desperately important.

The times that you need it to be operating at maximum efficiency are the times it will fail, so stay on top of maintaining your heating unit.

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