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What You Need In Order To Survive One Severe Health Issue

What You Need In Order To Survive One Severe Health Issue

Tooth Decay

Health concerns are some of the biggest obstacles in surviving an emergency.

Failing health has a domino effect that makes everything else much more difficult.

Here’s what you need in order to handle one overlooked health issue.

Most people understand the importance of first-aid kits in order to maintain health.

First aid ensures that you can tend to cuts, scrapes, and other injuries that can fester if left unattended to.

Sometimes people overlook hygiene because it seems like a luxury, but keeping proper hygiene is essential to staving off infections that can become deadly.

Cleanliness is not a frill, it’s a necessity.

And since hygiene is overlooked, dental hygiene is particularly overlooked, which is a massive mistake.

Tooth problems are not only incredibly debilitating, they can lead to severe health issues.

Untreated tooth decay can cause an abscess that bursts which could lead to sepsis.

There are three stages of sepsis.

The first stage occurs when the infection gets into your bloodstream and causes inflammation.

Severe sepsis happens when the infection affects major organs like the kidneys, heart, or brain.

And septic shock occurs when the infection is so severe, it causes a drop in blood pressure, which can trigger heart and lung failure, stroke, or death.

So that toothache can literally kill you if left unchecked for too long.

Serious tooth issues can be difficult to deal with in emergency situations where a dentist and his supplies aren’t easily accessible.

That’s why prevention is the best way to avoid more serious problems.

Here are the things you should have in your dental kit in order to protect yourself from severe issues.

A toothbrush is obviously essential to good dental health.

If you’re in a situation where you don’t have one, you can take thin wood like a toothpick and fashion it into a brush by chewing on the end to create a bristle.

For that reason, toothpicks serve as a good impromptu brush as well as a way to get obnoxious food out of your teeth.

Dental floss is also important because it reduces plaque buildup, which can ultimately lead to gum disease and heart problems.

Floss can also be used for tooth extraction in the most dire of circumstances.

Cotton balls are good to have because they can stop any bleeding you might have.

Bleeding is not only dangerous, but if it flows back into your throat, you’re at great risk of choking.

Next, wax can come in handy in your dental kit.

If you have a broken tooth or loose filling that exposes a nerve, wax can help cover the nerve so you don’t experience excruciating nerve pain.

Heat the wax and form it into a mold.

It’s not a long-term fix, but it can help in a pinch.

Toothpaste of course should be a part of your kit.

Treated water and baking soda can be good substitutes for tooth cleaning if toothpaste is not an option.

Finally, table salt is a good item to have in your kit.

If you mix a lot of salt with warm water, it can act as a salve and cleanser for tooth pain and infection.

While it won’t fix any severe damage, it could help get you through a brutal night of throbbing pain.

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