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What You Need to Know to Survive This Scary Terrorist Attack

What You Need to Know to Survive This Scary Terrorist Attack

Terrorist Attack

Terrorism is a serious threat to the safety of American citizens.

Because of their random nature, terrorist acts can strike at any time and offer people very little time to prepare.

But here are some precautions to help you survive one frightening terrorist attack.

Unfortunately, deadly terrorist attacks continue to be a reality, especially in Europe.

In recent years, among many attacks, Europe has suffered the Manchester bombing in England that killed 22 people and the Paris attacks that claimed 131 lives.

But another terror attack that’s becoming more common is vehicle ramming attacks.

A terrorist killed 86 people in Nice, France by plowing through a crowded street with a van.

A similar incident happened on London Bridge, killing eight people.

Ramming attacks are particularly scary because they don’t require any expertise, and vehicles are easy to get a hold of.

However, there are precautions you can take to give yourself a better chance to survive a spontaneous ramming attack.

Here’s a look at three things you can do to prepare yourself.

  1. Be wary when in crowded settings

Unless you’re fully off the grid, it’s difficult to avoid group settings, so there’s always a potential risk for a ramming attack.

The best thing you can do is try to stay on the outskirts of a group.

The closer you are to the middle, the less likely we’ll be able to get out of harm’s way at a moment’s notice.

Being on the edge of a large crowd also limits the possibility of being stampeded if pandemonium breaks out.

Also, being away from the epicenter gives you a better line-of-sight to see what’s happening in the area.

  1. Look for natural protection

London and other cities have built concrete and steel barriers to protect heavily trafficked walkways.

These barriers give pedestrians some protection, and they also serve as a deterrent for a terrorist considering a ramming attack.

But these aren’t the only barriers that may come in handy.

Cars, poles, and other city barriers can provide a bit more safety.

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Any obstacle that puts a layer of protection between you and a hurtling van is something you should be aware of when you’re walking through the city.

  1. Seek a higher vantage point

Higher ground not only will give you a better line of sight, but it will also reduce the chance that you’ll be in harm’s way.

Finding higher ground will further remove you from the street level and give you a better chance at escape.

  1. Know your gun laws

If you’re in a state where you’re allowed to carry, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to do so.

During the London Bridge attack as well as a similar ramming attack in Barcelona, the terrorists exited their vehicles and started killing pedestrians with blades.

Europe’s strict gun laws meant nobody had a gun.

A firearm will be the perfect defense against a terrorist who’s randomly hacking at innocent bystanders with a machete.

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