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You Need To Know This To Survive North Korea’s Secret Super Weapon

You Need To Know This To Survive North Korea’s Secret Super Weapon

North Korea

North Korea is a dangerous country.

Donald Trump has worked to ease tensions between the two countries, and although he’s shown success, North Korea still poses a serious threat.

Here’s what you need to know to survive an attack from North Korea’s secret weapon.

Democrats whipped the American public into a frenzy by suggesting Donald Trump would start a nuclear war with Iran, North Korea, or both.

Since then, Trump has disentangled America from the disastrous Iran Deal, and begun peace talks with North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Democrats panicked when Trump and Kim engaged in brinkmanship on Twitter, but the unusual tactic brought both men to the negotiation table and abated the threat of a nuclear hot war.

However, North Korea must still be considered a threat.

North Korea is the last true Stalinist state in existence, outlasting the Soviet Union by more than two decades.

The Kim regime knows it’s toast if it ever engaged in a nuclear first strike with the United States.

So Kim blusters about how he’ll bomb the United States and South Korea to convince everyone he will go through with his threats.

But posturing aside, North Korea has other means of attack.

It is believed that state-sponsored North Korean hackers were behind the devastating leaks at Sony Pictures.

And another mode of attack the North Koreans could use that would do substantial damage is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon.

An EMP has the capability of disrupting and frying electronic devices and even shutting down the power grid.

An EMP potent enough to shut down the power grid could be delivered from one of the satellites North Korea placed in orbit.

A Congressional EMP Commission estimated that this super weapon shutting down power grids across the United States could lead to the deaths of 90 percent of Americans.

At that point, full emergency protocols would be enacted.

However, North Korea has supposedly been working on a smaller yield weapon that could temporarily disrupt a major city.

In that event, it would be necessary to be able to withstand a prolonged blackout.

First, gas-powered generators and battery backup systems would be ideal, but they require a heavy financial investment.

If that isn’t in the budget, here are more practical solutions.

Have plenty of flashlights, reserve batteries, and candles on hand.

Unplug all electronics, because a power spike once electricity returns could cause massive damage to all of your devices and appliances.

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Keep refrigerators and freezers closed at all times; most food can keep in the fridge for four hours, and up to 48 hours in the freezer.

Never use combustible sources—such as gas—indoors.

Carbon monoxide could seep out and be deadly to all inhabitants.

If in harsh conditions, make sure to trap as much heat inside as possible, and have plenty of blankets on hand.

If possible, have a network of trusted neighbors with which to communicate.

Also, be prepared to use self-defense to ward off looters.

Finally, once the blackout has passed, discard all spoiled food and refrigerated medications.

When in doubt, toss it. Better safe than sorry.

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