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How To Survive If Martial Law Comes To Your Town

How To Survive If Martial Law Comes To Your Town

Martial Law

Violent civil unrest continues to escalate.

Unless tensions fall, the scary reality of a government crackdown becomes a greater possibility.

Here’s how to survive if martial law comes to your city.

Political violence from leftist groups like Antifa are growing in frequency.

We’ve seen the communist terrorist group destroy college campuses, assault random passersby, attack ICE facilities, and beat up journalists.

Instead of harshly condemning the group, liberals would rather pretend these radicals don’t exist because they do their dirty work.

Unless liberals start to take left-wing political violence seriously, it will only escalate, as seen in the 1970s when far-left groups detonated hundreds of bombs around the country.

A rise in civil unrest could lead to the government taking extreme action, including martial law.

Martial law could also be instituted in response to a catastrophic foreign terror attack.

If that terrifying possibility becomes a reality, there are certain things you must remember in order to stay safe.

First, OPSEC (operational security) is paramount.

Under martial law, the military takes over normal civilian functions and aren’t subject to the same search and seizure laws.

So the government could come onto your property and confiscate your possessions.

The less other people know about what type of food or self-defense supplies you have, the less likely you are to have the government kicking in your door.

Don’t trust anyone beyond immediate family and perhaps very close friends.

You might have to make an exception if the declaration of martial law appears to be indefinite.

The more trusted allies you have, the better, but be very careful about who you let into your inner circle.

Next, avoid military personnel.

Under martial law, there will be a curfew, so leave your house as little as possible in order to limit interaction with government officials.

In the midst of martial law, there will be virtually no oversight of the government, and this unchecked power could manifest itself in even more horrible ways.

Attempting to bug out is an option, but getting caught at a checkpoint could have terrible consequences.

Also, make sure you’re stocked up on supplies.

Under martial law, the government will likely start rationing certain items.

The less dependent you are on the government, the better.

If you have specific needs, such as prescription medication, make sure your supply doesn’t get low.

Your access to getting necessary prescription drugs could be limited or blocked altogether.

Next, stay on top of the news so you know what’s going on both locally and nationally.

Certain media may be censored or monitored, so information could be scarce.

Having a ham radio would allow you to communicate with anyone in the world, so you’ll have better access to information.

Martial law is a frightening tactic that’s been used by the U.S. government a handful of times.

While it hasn’t been invoked in nearly 50 years, the threat is always there.

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