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How To Survive One Scary And Life-Threatening Emergency

How To Survive One Scary And Life-Threatening Emergency

Armed Robbery

Survivalists know that danger can strike at any time.

Preparation for these hazardous moments is the key to getting through them.

Here’s how to survive one scary and life-threatening emergency.

One of the most terrifying scenarios a person can be faced with is armed robbery.

Not only are your possessions in jeopardy, but so is your life.

Robberies gone wrong can quickly escalate to murder, and some robbers have no qualms whatsoever about killing in the commission of a robbery.

Getting robbed feels like a violation, because people are stealing something of value or of sentiment, and things of value equate to time spent.

So robbers are stealing time, money, and memories that you can’t get back.

Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself in these dangerous situations.

One type of armed robbery can take place in public spaces.

The first key is to be mindful of your surroundings.

If you’re in a public place and you get the sense people are acting suspiciously, make a quick exit if you can.

Have a mental note of where the entrances are so you aren’t left milling around at the worst possible time.

The next thing you should do is avoid being a target.

One way to do that is by skirting scenarios that can put you at risk.

For example, think twice about taking a shortcut through a dark alley at night.

Understand that you could be putting yourself in harm’s way if you’re sporting fancy accessories like luxury watches.

Also, you don’t want to look like a pushover.

Criminals tend to look for the path of least resistance.

If you present yourself as someone who doesn’t have a lot of glitzy stuff to steal and you look like you could potentially handle yourself in a fight, you’re less likely to be threatened.

If your state and municipality allows for open or concealed carry, consider arming yourself so you have a better chance at survival should the worst-case scenario happen.

Just as horrifying, if not more so, is the armed robbery at your home.

That’s a particularly flagrant violation of your space.

Planning for home robberies includes having a designated safe room for you and your family to flee to in the midst of a crime.

Once you get there, call the police and hide.

It’s a good idea to have guns in hiding places that are accessible so you can arm yourself regardless of which room you’re in when the break-in occurs.

Also, a good alarm system will go a long way.

The harder it is to access your home, the more likely criminals will avoid you.

Another thing to remember when dealing with armed robberies is that your life (and others lives) is priority number one.

You might feel the impulse to immediately fight back or engage armed robbers.

That should be your last option, because as soon as you engage, the situation will quickly escalate and could get deadly.

Protect yourself by living to fight another day.

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