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How To Survive When One Emergency Breaks Out In Public

How To Survive When One Emergency Breaks Out In Public


Preparing for an emergency is incredibly difficult.

It’s even more challenging when something happens away from home.

Here’s how to survive when an emergency breaks out in public.

Political rhetoric from leftists has gotten completely out of control.

With political tensions running so high, the probability of civil unrest and chaos is at its highest point in over 25 years.

Left-wing domestic terrorist groups like Antifa have already inflicted havoc all over the country.

Members and fellow travelers of the terror group have attacked multiple ICE facilities – they opened fire on an ICE building in Texas and attempted to blow up a vehicle outside another facility in Washington State.

They’ve also threatened contractors who work with ICE by publishing their personal information, including where their children go to school.

They’ve harassed apolitical passersby by dragging them out of cars. They’ve hurled racial slurs at black police officers, and they beat up an independent journalist for reporting on their violence.

Despite their dangerous tactics, they’ve been defended and even celebrated by the left.

The son of Tim Kaine is a member of the group and was arrested outside a Donald Trump rally.

But the left looking the other way and encouraging these tactics only ensures more of the same, and it’s a powder keg for civil society.

If the worst case scenario happens and riots begin to crop up, here are some tactics you can use to protect yourself.

First, don’t go looking for trouble.

If you encounter someone who’s in the midst of a fit of anger, do your best to avoid them.

Even if you’re well trained in self-defense, make it your goal to de-escalate the encounter.

Once conflict breaks out, anything can happen, which means the consequences could be dire.

You could get seriously hurt, or you could seriously hurt someone and have to go through the legal process of clearing your name.

However, if you’re in a scenario where de-escalation is impossible, be assertive.

Most people who engage in these types of attacks are cowards who don’t want to fight.

In fact, a lot of them like to play the victim card.

Next, pay close attention to your surroundings.

If you don’t follow the news, particularly local news, you could stumble into a violent protest and not even know it.

Once that happens, it’s very easy for innocent bystanders to become collateral damage.

If you’re caught in the middle of an unruly crowd, know where your escape routes are.

Get out of harm’s way as quickly as possible.

Look for higher ground so you can get a better vantage point of how to get out of the quagmire.

And don’t go against the grain of the crowd.

You increase your chances of ending up at the bottom of a stampede.

If you are in the middle of a mad rush, try to get to the outskirts of the crowd where there isn’t a big a cluster of people.

After you’ve removed yourself from the dangerous situation, be prepared to hunker down for a few days so all of the chaos can blow over.

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