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Survivalists Who Don’t Do This One Thing Are Gambling With Their Lives

Survivalists Who Don’t Do This One Thing Are Gambling With Their Lives


Many pitfalls can derail your life at any point.

This worrisome reality is exactly why people prep in the first place.

But all survivalists need to do this one thing to make sure they’re not putting their lives in jeopardy.

Preppers need to have knowledge on a wide variety of topics to give themselves the best chance at survival, but the one thing they must know for sure is their level of preparedness.

Not knowing how long you can last without regular services is just as precarious as not being prepared at all.

Here’s a quick look at how to assess just how ready you are for when the SHTF.

Level 1

This includes people who aren’t at all concerned with preparedness, or have perhaps just started from square one.

Most people in prosperous western democracies are in this state of mind and never get out of it.

Their lives are completely in the hands of random luck or the generosity of other people.

If you’re at level one, shake yourself out of normalcy bias and start taking small steps.

Level 2

People in this bracket can survive for a week or two if a crisis hits.

They’ve probably begun stocking supplies like water and canned foods, and they likely have a gun for self-defense.

People at this level may also have a bug-out bag at the ready to get out of Dodge for a while as things return to normal.

Level 3

People at level three can survive for around a month in an emergency situation.

They’re more adept at improvising, while someone at level two might not be able to handle an equipment failure or another unforeseen complication.

People at this level definitely have a bug-out bag, and probably have a bug-out vehicle and location.

They have a broader scope of knowledge, and they’re continually adding to their skill set.

Level 4

The survivalists at level four can make it on their own for several months.

People in this category have incorporated prepping into their daily lives, and probably have a trusted community of people they can share ideas and resources with.

Ones who have attained this level of preparedness probably have a supply of freeze-dried food that can last for months, if not years.

Their bug-out location is equipped to handle all kinds of problems including something like an EMP attack.

Level 5

People at level five are the ones who will have to rebuild society if some worldwide catastrophe ever destroyed civilization.

They know how to survive in all kinds of conditions and environments, and can improvise without supplies and resources.

They have extensive knowledge on many topics such as how to build a shelter, and which wildlife plants are inedible.

Level fivers are likely homesteaders who can build a life for themselves wherever necessary without the creature comforts of contemporary society.

Whichever level you’re at, it’s best to know as soon as possible so you can plan around that.

Not everybody has the time or inclination to reach level five of preparedness, but there’s no excuse to be stuck at level one, either.

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