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Survivalists Must Live By This Code In Order To Live Through An Emergency

Survivalists Must Live By This Code In Order To Live Through An Emergency


Preparing for emergencies can feel like a full-time job.

There are so many scenarios you have to be ready for.

But all survivalists aren’t at their best if they’re not living by this one important principle.

Well-trained survivalists have to remember a lot of things and master a lot of skills.

But if there’s one thing that all must remember, it is the principle of Murphy’s Law.

The aerospace engineer Edward Murphy delivered a statement that has been reduced to the saying: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

This maxim is essential for preppers because the lifestyle is all about being ready for the worst-case scenario.

Planning only for the best-case scenarios will get you killed when the SHTF.

Here are some instances where survivalists must take into account Murphy’s Law.


Many gun owners make time to get to the range and practice their skills.

However, few are prepared to shoot with their off-hand if they suffer an injury to their dominant hand or circumstances call for using their off-hand.

Also, if your gun jams, you need to fully understand the mechanics of the gun to fix any problems on the fly, or perhaps even engage in self-repair.


If you’re out in the wilderness, you may have a map and a compass.

But maps can get lost or torn and compasses break.

You still need to be able to find your way home without these items.

Understanding how to use the sun and the stars is a way to get you home if the worst happens.

Nature survival

Speaking of the wilderness, there are countless other things that can go wrong in the wild.

You should know how to create some impromptu shelter such as a lean-to.

As the Survival Rule of Three states, you can last three hours without shelter in harsh conditions, so being able to improvise shelter is crucial.


You’ll need a backup plan if your food supply is lost or spoiled.

If you’re in the wild, you’ll need to know how to hunt and field-dress carcasses.

You may have to forage for berries, but not knowing which ones are poisonous would quickly end your survival attempt.


The power grid is increasingly under threat from a potential EMP attack.

Our society has become so technology-based, a loss of power for an extended amount of time would be catastrophic.

Murphy’s Law says that will happen, so you need to be prepared.

Have backup lights as well as power sources.

Generators, batteries, and candles (unscented) are all valuable staples.


You may feel you’re a good judge of character, but character typically reveals itself in challenging circumstances.

You have to be careful about who you let into your inner circle because they can create all kinds of problems for you.

If you tell the wrong person about your prepper lifestyle, there could be serious consequences, including robbery.

As Ronald Reagan famously said during the Cold War, “Trust, but verify.”

Don’t assume everyone you meet should be your confidant.

That will only ruin OPSEC (operations security).

These are just a few of the areas where not planning for the worst can lead to severe problems.

There are plenty more scenarios where Murphy’s Law will rule the day.

Make sure that when you’re prepping, you’re not planning for everything to go perfectly.

Because perfection is impossible.

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