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One Survivalist Tactic Just Saved The Reagan Library

One Survivalist Tactic Just Saved The Reagan Library

Reagan Library

California is in a constant state of chaos.

Blackouts and raging forest fires are doing considerable damage across the state.

But one survivalist tactic just saved the Reagan Library from destruction.

Forest fires have destroyed property and lives in both Northern and Southern California.

Fires are a part of nature, but the problem has been made worse by government mismanagement and bad regulations on public utilities and conservation.

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), which is heavily regulated by the state of California, has become the whipping boy for failed government policies.

The state is more concerned with diversity among PG&E’s executives than the fraying infrastructure that puts citizens in jeopardy.

Placing the blame solely on PG&E has even caused some of their employees to be shot it.

While they hold blame, as a public utility, their hands are largely tied by the state legislators.

During a particularly devastating fire last year, an entire town was destroyed.

This year, while liberals are foolishly blaming climate change for the fires, they were simultaneously cheering on the fire’s destruction in one instance: the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Ventura County.

The state that once elected Ronald Reagan governor and sent him to the White House has become incredibly hostile to Republicans, so much so that leftists were gleeful about the possibility of a forest fire engulfing the Reagan Library.

However, they did not get their wish.

According to reports, the fire got within 30 yards of the library’s perimeter, the closest it’s ever come to being damaged by fires.

And one survival tactic helped save it.

Reagan Presidential Library spokeswoman Melissa Geller told the Associated Press that the library brings in hundreds of goats each year to eat away vegetation that can serve as fuel to wildfires.

Back in the spring, in anticipation of possible forest fires, the Reagan Foundation brought in 805 goats to eat the flammable brush.

The goats helped create a fire break around the library.

Geller also said, “We were told by one of the firefighters that they believe that [goat-created] fire break made their job easier…The brush only went so far, it didn’t reach the library, because the goats ate it all.”

Bringing in the goats is a perfect example of why local control is so important.

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Bureaucrats in Washington could never even conceive such a shrewd idea because they don’t know anything about vegetation in rural California.

But these bureaucrats are the ones who write ridiculous regulations that make it harder for locals to effectively live their lives.

The Trump administration has slashed thousands of absurd regulations, but the federal registry is endless.

Bad regulations putting restrictions on controlled burns and other conservationist methods have created a tinder box in the state.

Thankfully, the Reagan Library had the foresight to solve the problem.

Otherwise, important historical treasures could’ve been lost forever.

But leftists are so blinded by hate, they fully embrace books burning – so long as it’s the right books. You can’t help but be reminded of another regime that burned books opposite to their agenda.

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