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Survival Knowledge: Trees You Should Know

Survival Knowledge: Trees You Should Know

Being able to live off of the land in a survival situation becomes much easier when you have some knowledge of the plants that you may encounter. Why? Because, when you know what these plants can do for you, you can make use of them to better ensure your own survival.

In that spirit, here are 6 trees that you should know and why:

1. White birch (paper birch)

Growing primarily in northern climates, the white birch tree has a white, papery bark and oval-shaped leaves with a pointed tip. This handy tree has a sap that you can drink without filtering (forget your filtering straw at the house? Find this tree.). Also, the back can be used to fashion such handy items as canoes, which is why this tree is sometimes called a canoe birch. And you can heat the sap to extract pine tar to use an adhesive.

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For more details on the white birch and the other five trees, find the article here.

Tell us your go-to plants in the comments below.

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