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Survival Hacks You Never Knew Existed Using Paper Clips

Survival Hacks You Never Knew Existed Using Paper Clips

One thing survival hacks do is they give you the ability to make it home alive using common household items.

Secondly they can help you quickly fix a problem using those same household items. To be honest聽there are some pretty cool survival hacks out there, but it’s likely you don’t know them all.

You’ve likely seen all kinds of survival hacks being talked about on survival blogs and forums.

But have you ever given much thought to what you can do with paperclips? Probably not, they’re not advertised as a common survival tool. But after you watch this video you might be keen to carry a few more with you in a go bag or a rucksack.

Check out the video below.

What was your favorite hack?

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For that matter, do you have any other common household items that can be used the way these paperclips were?

Let us know in the comments below.

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