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The Survival Gear You Must Have When Going Off The Grid

The Survival Gear You Must Have When Going Off The Grid

Off Grid Survival Gear

Going off the grid is a difficult road.

It’s a decision that cannot be made lightly.

Here’s the survival gear you must have when attempting to go off the grid.

The highest form of survival is complete self-sufficiency.

While most people don’t need or want to attempt such an undertaking, some do.

It’s perhaps a great exercise to do it for a week or two on camping trips and similar excursions, but if you’re planning on going off the grid for a longer stretch of time, there are some items you don’t want to do without.

The most important thing to remember is that skills are always more important than gear, but you should definitely have a baseline of resources to work with.

The first thing you will need are alternative power sources.

Unless you’re planning on a strict agrarian lifestyle, you will still want power for certain key electronics.

This is why a generator is so essential.

Having a generator will allow you to have power if and when it’s absolutely needed.

You will also need a stock of gasoline that you’re regularly cycling through to ensure it doesn’t expire.

Batteries, candles, and lanterns are other important items for navigating in the dark.

Solar panels are also a good way to go off the grid.

While the initial investment might be costly, you won’t need to rely on the electrical grid to power your home.

Next, you will need communication systems to stay connected in case of emergencies or if the SHTF.

Satellite phones are a great way to stay connected because they’re fully functional in the remotest of locations.

Ham radios are also an effective tool for staying in contact because they can reach anyone on the planet.

It’s difficult to make informed decisions about survival if you’re unable to know what’s going on.

That’s why communication is so important.

Also, self-defense is incredibly important.

If you’re off the grid, calling 911 isn’t really an option in the face of an immediate threat.

So you’ll want to have a stock of firearms to ward off anyone who may want to do you or your family harm.

Shotguns are good for self-defense because they pack and punch and it’s difficult to miss a target with them.

Rifles are both good for hunting big game, and defending yourself against multiple attackers.

Handguns are useful in close quarters and they’re also easier to conceal in areas around your home.

Finally, lighters and matches are overlooked items that are incredibly important.

You’ll need fire to stay warm, sterilize items, purify water, and cook food.

Knowing how to start a fire without lighters or matches is a valuable skill, but you don’t want to be completely reliant upon that in challenging circumstances where you can’t find the right wood.

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