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The Rise of One Superbug is Causing Grave Concern

The Rise of One Superbug is Causing Grave Concern

The threat of a widespread pandemic is very real.

Even developed nations are seeing more cases of aggressive bacteria spreading.

Now another superbug is causing major concern.

Recently, the New York Times reported on the virulent superbug called Candida auris.

A particularly nasty C. auris outbreak cropped up in a nursing home in New York State and required the infected room to essentially be stripped down.

Another bug that’s becoming resistant to antibiotics is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, commonly known as MRSA.

Rampant overuse of antibiotics has led to C. auris and MRSA becoming dangerously aggressive.

Not long ago, a woman in Illinois slipped into a coma after MRSA ravaged her body.

Thankfully, she pulled through.

However, a 15-year-old boy from Jacksonville wasn’t so lucky.

He died from MRSA complications after going to the hospital for a broken foot he suffered at football practice.

MRSA is a bacteria that’s spread via contact with the skin, so public places such as hospitals, nursing homes, and gyms can be hotbeds of activity.

Some yoga studios even require patrons to wipe down mats with disinfectant wipes after use.

According to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), MRSA symptoms manifest themselves depending on the infected part of the body.

Infections might begin with skin abscesses, swelling, redness, and a warm sensation.

If not treated quickly, MRSA can spread to various vital organs and potentially lead to death.

Recently, the Los Angeles Times reported that several LAPD officers had been exposed to MRSA, but it was unclear how they came in contact with it.

However, intravenous drug users are almost 17 times more likely to contract MRSA, so officers dealing with homeless encampments all over the city are probably encountering MRSA and other types of infectious diseases.

Los Angeles and other west-coast liberal hubs have seen a rise in illnesses such as typhus, which is spread by rats and fleas.

These “compassionate” liberals are contributing to a public health crisis with their nonsensical policies.

There’s nothing compassionate about letting a person with severe mental illness and/or drug addiction live in squalor on the streets.

It’s a violation of their human decency and dignity, it’s a violation of the public square, and it’s contributing to spikes in crime and illness.

MRSA is a deadly contagion, so public health must be taken seriously.

Instead, leftists claim that they simply need more funding, but the homelessness problem has grown exponentially with the rise in funding.

As is the case with big government, if you subsidize something, you get more of it.

MRSA and other superbugs are exactly why it’s important to be prepared for a pandemic.

They can crop up at any time.

It’s a good idea to be prepared for quarantine protocol, which can last for a while.

You’ll need reliable shelter, a good supply of food, and cleaning supplies to maintain sanitary conditions and hygiene.

You can never be too careful when dealing with health matters, particularly if the government is slow to address the problem.

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