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One Shocking Study About Political Violence Will Keep You Up at Night

One Shocking Study About Political Violence Will Keep You Up at Night


The rise of violent riots is a truly disturbing sight.

Videos from Portland look like footage coming out of a conflict zone.

But one shocking study about political violence will keep you up at night.

The radical left has escalated its attacks on this country, and the most disturbing part about it is that the behavior is being normalized.

For over 100 days, riots have taken place across the city, and the so-called mainstream media are trying to convince Americans that the carnage is “mostly peaceful.”

Others have argued that out-of-control incidents in Portland and Seattle are simply outliers because of the far-left monoculture in those cities.

But a new study out of Princeton University shows that 48 out of the 50 biggest cities in the country have seen violent riots over the past three months.

The map clearly shows that Black Lives Matter protests have spiraled out of control in many cities and towns across the country.

And every step of the way, the corporate press makes an excuse for it.

When communists took over six blocks in downtown Seattle and declared it an autonomous zone, Mayor Jenny Durkan joked with a reporter that it could be another “Summer of Love.”

Even two murders and a rape didn’t convince Durkan to immediately shut it down.

She was finally spurred into action when far-left agitators showed up to her house.

The Democrats have been playing footsie with radical groups like Blacks Lives Matter and Antifa, and that flirtation has dangerous consequences.

Over 30 people have been killed as a result of the 100-plus days of rioting around the country, and there’s nothing to show for it.

There have been zero policies enacted.

In fact, House Democrats rejected a police reform bill authored by Republican Tim Scott because they want chaos.

They want to keep their radical shock troops enraged in order to win an election.

People in these urban centers are paying the price.

Small business owners are forced to put up Black Lives Matter signs in hopes the mob will leave their properties alone.

Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t.

This is terroristic activity, and it’s been given legitimacy by the Democrats and their media allies.

This is an incredibly unhealthy development for the country.

People are fleeing big cities in droves, and it’s easy to see why.

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