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One Policy Could Stop Democrats From Taking Away Your Guns

One Policy Could Stop Democrats From Taking Away Your Guns

Democrats are getting bolder in their efforts to chip away at gun rights.

Some liberals have even openly stated that their goal is to confiscate guns.

But one policy could throw a wrench in the left’s plans to destroy the Second Amendment.

The Democrats are speeding toward totalitarianism, and it’s truly disturbing.

And totalitarians believe that rights come from government, not God.

That’s why leftists believe health care and housing are human rights, but not free speech and self-defense.

Speech and guns are two potent weapons against government control, and the left can’t have that.

As a result, they’ve begun cracking down on right-wing voices on social media, and they’re stealthily putting more gun control laws on the books.

Fifteen states along with Washington, D.C. have enacted “red flag” laws that give the government the authority to seize guns if they deem a person to be a threat to themselves or others.

Law enforcement officials in these states have served “no-knock” warrants where they’re permitted to barge into a residence without notification.

This gives gun-grabbing Democrats the pretext they need to take guns for the flimsiest of reasons.

However, one bulwark against these aggressive violations is gun “sanctuary cities.”

At least 75 municipalities have designated themselves as sanctuaries, and several sheriffs have refused to comply with the intrusive gun laws.

A Republican sheriff in the Denver suburbs actually faces a recall after supporting gun control laws.

Some dishonest liberals might argue that conservatives are flouting the law in the same manner that leftist cities are with their immigration sanctuaries, but many of these gun laws are blatantly unconstitutional.

Conversely, immigration sanctuary cities are openly defying federal immigration law.

One of the underhanded tactics of these “red flag” laws is the state gets to decide who’s “crazy.”

Liberals tried to diagnose Donald Trump as legitimately crazy without examining him.

One shudders to think what they could do to someone who doesn’t have the power of the president.

In some states, parents are being reported to child protective services for not allowing their adolescent children to go on dangerous and irreversible hormone treatments in the name of transgenderism.

It doesn’t take much for a liberal to deem someone “crazy.”

For years, gun rights advocates have noted the fact that two-thirds of gun deaths are the result of suicide, not mass shootings, which are statistically very rare.

Now gun control groups are using suicide statistics as a pretext to take guns under “red flag” laws.

For the left, all roads lead to confiscation.

Gun sanctuaries are a good start, but Democrats will keep coming.

They’re already pushing for gun registries and restrictions on gun and ammunition purchases.

It’s important for you to exercise your gun rights and keep the liberty movement strong.

Most rights aren’t taken, they’re given away.

The left has relied on propaganda to trick people into ceding their rights, but their tactics aren’t as effective as they’ve been in the past.

The left’s media monopoly is slowly eroding, but they won’t go down without a fight.

Make sure you’re prepared for anything because the left is more than happy to sow seeds of discord around the clock.

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