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Why It’s A Good Idea To Stock Up On Ammo

Why It’s A Good Idea To Stock Up On Ammo


Gun grabbers like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are making their move against the Second Amendment.

In case of an emergency, self-defense is critical, but gun grabbers want to take away that protection.

Now the latest gun control push is a signal that it’s a practical idea to load up on ammunition.

“Better safe than sorry” is the motto of anyone serious about preparation in the face of a potential crisis.

Thankfully, America’s founding fathers understood that a nation of people cannot be free without the right to defend themselves.

They also knew that an armed society is a polite society.

That’s why the Second Amendment is so important.

Without self-defense, none of the other rights matter.

However, collectivists believe that rights come from the government instead of God.

And thus, they constantly chip away at free speech and the right to bear arms.

One of the first moves of any socialist government is to disarm the population so they can’t defend themselves against tyranny.

The consequences of such overreach are currently playing out in Venezuela.

Despite vast natural resources, Venezuela went from the richest country in South America to the poorest.

Venezuela is also rife with violence, and the citizens have no means of protecting themselves.

Millions have fled to neighboring South American, as well as the United States.

Venezuelan doctors, lawyers, and other white-collar professionals are now making more money waiting tables and cleaning toilets in Peru, Colombia, and America.

This is what can happen if citizens are left at the mercy of the government.

And sadly, gun control activists are looking to bring those same ideas to America.

The latest gambit is to go after magazine sizes and ammunition purchases.

In New York, the SAFE Act limited magazine sizes to a paltry seven-round capacity, but that provision was deemed unconstitutional.

But the gun grabbers never sleep.

Activists like Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg are intent on taking away guns, and they have millions and millions to spend.

All it takes is a few cowardly politicians to tip the scales against freedom.

A new law in California will require ammunition vendors to report all transactions to the Department of Justice.

And Oregon is pushing to limit ammunition purchases to 20 rounds per 30 calendar days.

Such a restriction is ridiculous and gets the activists one step closer toward their ultimate goal: gun confiscation.

The activists say they simply want “common sense” gun laws, but they can never articulate what that means.

They usually point to a law that’s already on the books but was proven to be ineffective.

During the astroturfed “March For Our Lives,” some of the indoctrinated participants let it slip that a full ban was their ultimate goal.

Gun rights groups are fighting the good fight, but it’s nearly impossible to reclaim freedom once the government takes hold.

It’s a prudent idea to stock up on ammunition before the process becomes too burdensome.

In the face of a crisis, ammunition will be vital, and difficult to procure.

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