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One State Took Coronavirus Lockdown To A Terrifying Level

One State Took Coronavirus Lockdown To A Terrifying Level

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The Wuhan virus has caused local politicians to institute harsh quarantine orders.

Most citizens have abided by the procedures thus far.

But one state took the coronavirus lockdown to a terrifying level.

There are now roughly 1.23 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the United States and over 72,000 deaths.

While those are harrowing numbers, more than a quarter of the deaths are concentrated in New York City.

Another study showed that 40-60% of coronavirus-related deaths have occurred in elderly care homes.

That means a one-size-fits-all approach to stopping the virus isn’t going to be the most effective.

A rural county in central California with zero coronavirus cases isn’t going to need the same protocols as a densely populated cosmopolitan city like New York City.

Also, young and healthy populations aren’t nearly at the same risk level as elderly people or people with underlying health issues.

There are also reports that UV sunlight and humid conditions kill the virus quickly.

Despite all this evidence, many petty tyrants around the country are using the coronavirus to enforce top-down control.

California took it to the next level when officials ordered police helicopters with bullhorns to patrol the beaches and force people to disperse.

If sunlight kills the virus and social distancing on the beach is easily doable, sending helicopter patrols is a ridiculous measure.

These type of authoritarian crackdowns are happening everywhere.

In Los Angeles, mayor Eric Garcetti ordered bulldozers to dump sand on skate parks and sidewalks to keep citizens away.

In Kentucky, governor Andy Beshear ordered police to photograph the license plates of people who were attending church services.

In Michigan, governor Gretchen Whitmer is prohibiting citizens from traveling to their vacation homes.

Several cities have instituted tip lines where citizens are encouraged to snitch on neighbors and local businesses that aren’t perfectly practicing social distancing.

Meanwhile, convicted criminals are being released early over fears of coronavirus outbreaks in prisons.

In Orange County, the district attorney issued a warning that seven “high-risk” sex offenders were being released into the population.

This is complete madness.

Law-abiding citizens are being punished while criminals are given a free pass.

These over-the-top lockdown orders won’t hold much longer. People are getting fed up with being cooped up inside.

When Americans were told that they needed to stay inside in order to “flatten the curve” and ensure that the healthcare system wasn’t overwhelmed, they abided.

But now, some think the United States should remain in lockdown until a vaccine is created, which could take up to 2 years.

This belief has given rise to concerns that leftists are using the pandemic to enact policies they could never enact under normal circumstances.

But the American people will not live in a police state. It’s time for officials to come up with a plan that doesn’t keep people inside forever.

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