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One State Is About to Revolt After the Maddening Thing the Governor Said

One State Is About to Revolt After the Maddening Thing the Governor Said

Andrew Cuomo

The Wuhan virus has been a disaster for the United States.

Democrats are making the problem worse by intentionally prolonging the pain of the outbreak.

But one state is about to revolt after the maddening thing the governor said.

Andrew Cuomo has been championed by the so-called mainstream media for his handling of the coronavirus.

Only in the eyes of a corrupt media apparatus could the mayor with the worst death toll by far—and the second worst death rate—be touted as a hero.

Cuomo made the fatal mistake of requiring elderly coronavirus patients to be returned to their nursing homes.

The virus has a very high survival rate overall, but it can be very dangerous for the elderly and people with severe health issues.

The median age of death for the virus is 81, so Cuomo’s blunder decimated the nursing homes in his state.

Almost no journalists have been willing to call him out for such a grave mistake.

Conversely, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis protected his state’s nursing homes, and saw considerably fewer deaths.

But DeSantis is painted as a villain by the media because he’s a Republican and he opened “too fast” even though several European countries didn’t shut down to the extent we did.

Cuomo angered his constituents even more by cracking down even further on New Yorkers.

His administration has already pulled many liquor licenses from bars that are noncompliant, and they’re investigating attendance at a concert for the band the Chainsmokers.

Restaurateur Fernando Mateo said of the draconian crackdown, “We cannot leave our establishment, walk 100 feet away and tell people that they need to wear a mask, that they need to socially distance. Because that’s not their job.”

Meanwhile, Cuomo has had absolutely nothing to say about the riots that are going on in his state.

The best Cuomo could muster was blaming New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for not using police to quell rioters.

But that’s not exactly a full-throated rebuke of the protesters and rioters who flood the streets daily.

Even worse, de Blasio told contact tracers not to ask any patients who tested for COVID-19 whether or not they attended a protest.

Also, one county in New York threatened to fine and subpoena people who attended a party.

The double standard regarding protesters and law-abiding citizens who simply want to get back to work is astonishing.

The Democrats are simultaneously arguing that the riots don’t exist, the protests do exist but they magically don’t spread the coronavirus, and anti-lockdown protests are harmful and also somehow “racist.”

New Yorkers have reached their boiling point with both Cuomo and de Blasio.

Citizens can’t flee Manhattan fast enough; the city real estate market shows a ton of rental vacancies in the prime area of Manhattan.

As his state is in turmoil, Cuomo will continue to pat himself on the back.

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