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One State Passed A Law That Just Made The Border Crisis Worse

One State Passed A Law That Just Made The Border Crisis Worse


Illegal immigration remains a serious issue as 2021 begins.

The Trump administration made strides in curtailing the problem, but Joe Biden has signaled that he plans to undo much of Trump’s progress.

Now one state has passed a law that will make the border crisis even worse.

Donald Trump made a concerted effort to slow down the unfettered illegal immigration coming into the country, but there were many roadblocks in his way.

One of the main problems is that Democrats favor illegal immigration.

Since illegal aliens tend to concentrate in blue cities, and because the U.S. Census does not have a citizenship requirement, Democrats end up with more seats in the House.

Now the “sanctuary state” of Virginia has exacerbated the border crisis by allowing illegal aliens to receive drivers’ licenses.

300,000 illegal aliens in the state will now be able to obtain valid photo IDs.

Matthew Tragesser, spokesman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said in an interview, “Giving any form of driving privileges to illegal aliens not only undermines public safety but national security as well…Providing these cards incentivizes more illegal immigration, rewards law breakers, and jeopardizes our national security.”

The documentary film “America’s Forgotten” details how Democrat rhetoric serves as a beacon for foreigners to come to America illegally.

Namrata Singh Gujral, director of the film, identifies as a liberal but said she voted for Donald Trump after having her eyes opened on the issue of illegal immigration.

Her film showed how immigrants watched a Democratic Primary debate and saw each of the candidates say they were in favor of extending free healthcare to illegal aliens.

Coyotes and others profiting off of illegal immigration use those kind of incentives from politicians as a selling point in enticing immigrants to make the dangerous and expensive trip north.

Gujral said she realized that illegal immigration is bad for all parties involved.

Virginia isn’t the only state enacting policies that encourage more illegal immigration.

New Jersey recently allowed illegal aliens to receive occupational licenses.

While New Jersey governor Phil Murphy was strong-arming businesses to close their doors, he thought it was prudent to make sure that noncitizens could get licenses to work.

Democrats used to be hawks on immigration and border security, but decided it was better to sell out American workers in exchange for global interests and future votes since first-generation Americans tend to vote Democrat 80% of the time.

While that figure evens out over succeeding generations, the assimilation process becomes more difficult when millions pour into the country illegally.

Democrats will parrot the line and say there are “only” 11-million illegal aliens in the United States, but one study out of Yale puts the number above 20 million.

Some organizations estimate the actual total is over 30 million.

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