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One State Just Instituted An Insanely Racist Coronavirus Policy

One State Just Instituted An Insanely Racist Coronavirus Policy

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The country is on edge because of the Wuhan virus lockdowns and nationwide rioting and looting.

Activists and radicals are also stoking tension with targeted behavior.

Now one state just made things worse and instituted an insanely racist coronavirus policy.

The left can’t make up its mind on how they feel about the Wuhan virus.

They’ve used the threat of the virus to keep people locked inside their homes indefinitely – yet said nothing as thousands across the country packed the streets to protest the murder of George Floyd.

They said even less when those protests descended into rioting and looting.

Democrats and members of the so-called mainstream media have become so deranged, they’re fear-mongering about the coronavirus while celebrating “antiracism” protests.

A consortium of left-wing epidemiologists even released a statement that said anti-lockdown protests are bad but anti-racism protests are good.

CNN toggled back to scaring people about the coronavirus after cheering on the people ripping down monuments across the country.

And now Oregon has escalated the derangement with a jaw-dropping racist proposal.

Lincoln County in Oregon is permitting non-whites to enter public spaces without having to wear a mask or bandana.

Lincoln County officials released a statement exempting the following from wearing masks:

 “Persons with health or medical conditions that preclude or are exacerbated by wearing a face covering…Children under the age of 12…Persons with certain disabilities that do not allow them to wear one…People of color who have heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment due to wearing face coverings in public.”

One woman was chased out of a grocery for not wearing a mask, but Oregon is saying it’s okay for nonwhite people not to wear them.

This policy is completely insane.

First of all, it’s illegal under discrimination laws.

Second, if health officials in Lincoln County are truly concerned about the coronavirus, they wouldn’t exempt nonwhite people from wearing masks.

And if they don’t think wearing masks is that important, then exemptions should apply to everyone.

This mask policy exposes one of many flaws of the left.

They think they can cure racism of the past with racism of the present.

The only path to unity includes equal treatment for everyone, but radicals on the left don’t want unity, not unless it comes under their Marxist boot.

The American people are sick of the lockdowns and soon they will be sick of the nonstop protests happening around the country.

It’s time for more people to start calling out the lunacy of the left.

Their hypocritical derangement needs to be highlighted until institutions stop catering to the “woke” mob.

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