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One State Is in Turmoil After the Governor Made a Shocking Announcement

One State Is in Turmoil After the Governor Made a Shocking Announcement

Andrew Cuomo

The protests over the murder of George Floyd have run amok.

Rioting and looting have set several cities on fire.

And one state is in turmoil after the governor made a shocking announcement.

Protests over the death of George Floyd sparked mayhem across the country, and it’s still too early to tell the extent of the damage.

But of all the cities that had to deal with rioting and looting, New York was particularly out of control.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, a socialist who empathizes with the radicals tearing apart his city, had a poor response to the outrage.

He threw some of his cops under the bus, praised his daughter for getting arrested while protesting, instituted a late curfew that allowed the streets to be overrun before police could mobilize, and refused to ask for the National Guard in order to tamp down the violence.

His response was bungled from top to bottom.

De Blasio handled the protests so poorly, Governor Andrew Cuomo stepped in with a shocking statement.

Cuomo called de Blasio’s actions a “disgrace” and said he might “displace” de Blasio if he had to.

That’s incredibly strong language for a governor to use against a sitting mayor.

De Blasio fired back and accused Cuomo of insulting the NYPD.

De Blasio said, “He dishonored the men and women of the NYPD in an absolutely inappropriate way for any leader to do.”

It’s amusing to see both elected officials point the finger at each other when the so-called mainstream media gave both of them a free pass for their bungled response to the Wuhan virus.

While de Blasio and Cuomo hurled insults at each other, the NYPD slammed both of them.

Patrick Lynch, President of the NYC Police Benevolent Association, said of the catfight, “Rank-and-file New York City police officers were out on the street last night doing our job…It’s not our fault that our city and state governments can’t plan and work together, but we are suffering the consequences…Police officers are being run down, knocked down and almost shot on a nightly basis. The political tug of war between Albany and City Hall needs to stop because it is putting police officers in danger.”

Cuomo and de Blasio are too busy bickering while New York City burns.

It’s quite remarkable that Cuomo had a sky-high approval rating during the peak hysteria of the coronavirus scare even though his nursing home policy contributed to mass death.

And de Blasio was encouraging New Yorkers to go to film festivals and other local gatherings when word of the pandemic first hit.

New York City and State have been managed terribly by the leaders in government, and the people have been left to fend for themselves.

Sadly, the small business owners and citizens scrambling to defend themselves are quickly going to discover that New York has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

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