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10 Smart Survival Skills for the Single Woman

10 Smart Survival Skills for the Single Woman

The single woman. Some people think of this individual as weak, vulnerable, susceptible to aggression and exploitation. But it needn’t be that way because a single woman can survive during SHTF situations, too.

In that spirit, here are 10 survival skills and strategies for the single woman who wants to survive (thanks to here for this list. Commentary is my own):

1. Be extra vigilant with home security. This one shouldn’t be a surprise. When it’s just you, you’re an easier target for a group of people. Don’t be that target. Find and use early warning methods. recommends getting a dog. Considering how much they bark, they’ll protect you better than your cat.

2. Learn to use a weapon. No one wants to injure someone else, but sometimes criminals don’t give you the option: it’s hurt them or be hurt by them. Get comfortable with using a weapon. The flip side is that, the more comfortable you are with one, the less likely that you’ll need to use it.

3. Take a women’s self-defense class. For those times when you can’t get to your weapon in time. Be prepared.

4. Learn to use tools.  In a SHTF situation, repairs will need to be done, if not sooner, then later. If you can use your tools, you don’t need to make yourself vulnerable to people you don’t know because you need to let them into your castle to fix something that you can’t fix.

5. Be careful what you say.  Use common sense. Don’t make it public that it’s just you. Again, one person is an easy target for a group. Don’t let people know that it’s just you.

6. Don’t make it obvious your house belongs to a woman alone. See above.

7. Learn to change a tire. Just for practicality sake, but also for what was mentioned in #4.

8. Be prepared to hunker down. Just be psychologically and practically prepared. You hope it won’t happen, but it could.

9. Avoid attracting attention to your home during an emergency. This goes with #5.

10. Plan to fortify your home if complete chaos erupts. Again, you hope it won’t happen, but better prepared than sorry.

Do you have other items to add to this list? Tell us what they are below.



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  • When it comes to #10 I M planning in preparation drilled thick plywood for each of my windows in my home with several 2×4’small a cross them. I also purchased a door devil to make it virtually I mom possible to get through Mt front door. (I have one that needs to be installed on the back door as well Smythe building in our property where we plan to Shelter in place.

  • Know your neighbors really well. If it all falls apart what and who they know will be valuable. Consider house to house communication. Easy to do with some cheap Mil Surplus crank up field phones and como wire. Readily available at surplus stores.
    Example my one neighbor is an ER Doc, the other a retired Army Artila

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