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You’ll Need Skills To Survive One Increasingly Likely Disaster Scenario

You’ll Need Skills To Survive One Increasingly Likely Disaster Scenario

The threat of a widespread disaster gets more real with each passing day.

Government run amok and the rise of infectious diseases should have each American concerned.

These are the guidelines that will come in handy if the U.S. succumbs to a major catastrophe.

Every survivalist needs to be aware of how to navigate a WROL (without rule of law) society.

The danger of WROL becomes more tangible all the time.

We’ve seen natural disasters invite looting, squatting, and other violations of property rights.

The same goes for riots, which have seen an uptick over the past few years.

Violence in Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee, and other cities have erupted, putting everyday civilians in grave danger.

If you find yourself in a WROL scenario, which unfortunately seems more likely, there are certain guidelines you should follow to protect yourself and your family.

First, make sure you’re up to date with all of the local news.

It will be crucial to know if there are any major streets blocked off, or if any areas are designated particularly unsafe due to violence.

The less information you have, the more likely you are to stumble into chaos.

Next, make sure you’re stocked up on supplies.

You’re going to need to limit your excursions out of the house as much as possible, so have a healthy stock of canned goods and freeze-dried meals.

If you have proper food rations, you should have a supply that will last years and years.

Also, don’t forget about water, and not just for drinking.

You won’t survive long without drinking water, but you’ll also need water to help with hygiene.

Unsanitary conditions will undoubtedly accelerate your demise.

In keeping with hygiene, be sure to have plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, and garbage bags.

Ensure that all of your general first-aid needs are covered.

Going to the hospital might not be on the table.

Relying on 9-1-1 could land you in some serious trouble.

If you have specific medical needs, make sure you have enough, so you’re not stuck fighting through a potential mob to get your vital medicine.

Regular pharmacy services may not even be an option, so don’t put yourself at the mercy of the mob.

Also, don’t bring attention to yourself.

If you have a backup generator, don’t let everyone know by having all of the lights on.

As soon as people know the depth of your resources, you become a target.

That’s never a good sign in a time of WROL.

People’s basic animal instincts can kick in, and they’ll choose to take what isn’t theirs.

You have to be vigilant of this phenomenon, and prepare yourself to use self defense.

Hopefully, force won’t be necessary, but if it is, have a strong supply of guns, so you can defend your home against multiple attacks.

A WROL can be scary, but if you’re prepared, you should be able to weather the storm.

Thankfully we still have property rights and the Second Amendment.

Two bedrock principles the citizens of Venezuela sadly yearn for at the moment.



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