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One Sickening Murder Could Prove The Country Is On The Brink Of Civil War

One Sickening Murder Could Prove The Country Is On The Brink Of Civil War

Florida Today

The country is on edge as rioting and looting have been allowed to fester.

Political violence is as bad as it’s been since the 1970s.

And one sickening murder could prove the country is on the brink of civil war.

Political violence is sadly escalating across the country.

Cities are literally in flames while the so-called mainstream media tell the American people that the “demonstrations” are “mostly peaceful.”

The corporate press has also been irresponsible in inciting violence against Donald Trump supporters and Republicans as a whole.

A former CNN host said he wanted to punch Nick Sandmann, one of the Covington Catholic High School kids who was vilified for wearing a MAGA hat.

This is the consequence of brainwashing people into believing Republicans are murderers and Nazis.

Once that becomes normalized, attacks are almost inevitable.

And one former city councilman in Florida might’ve lost his life just for having a Trump/Pence sign outside his home.

James Wallen, the 75-year-old victim, was killed by 43-year-old Matthew Inklebarger.

Police said the burglary was random, but also said Inklebarger got in a “confrontation” with Wallen.

The confrontation is what raises questions because burglars typically choose houses they think are empty.

Cocoa police officers said Inklebarger was in the area to visit a female friend, then targeted Wallen’s house.

It’s unclear if the Trump/Pence sign was the chief reason Inklebarger targeted the home, but it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise.

Unhinged Trump haters have gone to extreme lengths of vandalization and aggression.

Also in Florida, two physicians used a ladder to take down an elderly neighbor’s Trump flag while their young grandchild pleaded for them to stop.

This is the height of derangement.

Republican events and campaign offices have been attacked by leftists in Northern California and Jacksonville.

There are countless incidents of people with MAGA hats being beaten and robbed.

At a Trump rally in San Jose, a Trump-hating police sheriff ushered Trump rallygoers directly into the teeth of an angry mob.

It’s time for the temperature to turn down, but the Democrats are doing exactly the opposite.

They’ve allowed rioting and looting to continue for months (and in some cases, years) without denouncing it.

Barack Obama even called protesters out in the streets “the best of us.”

People are getting fed up.

Cuban immigrants in Louisville fought against the outrage mob because they fled extreme leftism, and they don’t want to see it happen here.

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