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Should You Stash Your Supplies On Your Property?

Should You Stash Your Supplies On Your Property?

A fundamental part of prepping is, surprise!, being prepared. Now, being prepared means having skills mastered (or at least to a usable level) and a plan, but it also includes having supplies on hand for when a disaster situation happens. Why? Because you can have all the skills and abilities in the world, but, if you don’t have the materials that you need to use for those skills or the food to carry you through until you can hunt, gather, or grow more food, you won’t survive to get to a point to put those skills to work.

Needless to say, having supplies available is important.

So, the question is where should you stash your supplies? You want it to be someplace that is readily accessible, but you may also want to avoid having your supplies put away in your house because part of the disaster may be damage to your home or you may not be able to get into your home for some reason. So, where then? A writer going by the name of Isabelle Z has these suggestions:

Experts recommend creating a small room below the frost line and away from the house. Precast concrete modules are available for this purpose, or you can make your own using materials like culvert pipe. According to Ready Nutrition, it needs to be covered by around six inches of dirt, which is enough to cover it but not so much that it becomes too difficult to access in winter. However, it’s not just the depth you need to get right; it’s also the physical location.

First of all, you shouldn’t tell anyone where you plan to keep your cache. If your neighbors are outside and might peer over the fence, it’s not a good time to go digging around your yard. Always be aware of your surroundings to avoid compromising your cache.

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So, that gives us some considerations on where to put our stash, but Isabelle Z also specifically suggests that you consider corners of your yard, near septic tanks (or, I would add, a well house), or “underneath something unexpected” such as a fountain or gazebo. These are all great suggestions, and the thing to keep in mind when selecting your location is to consider how private and secret that location is and can be kept. You want to make sure that your stash remains your stash and doesn’t become the neighborhood’s stockpile without your permission.

So, yes, it can be a very good idea to have a supply stash on your property, just keep in mind the secrecy factor.

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