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Should You Move Here Before The SHTF?

Should You Move Here Before The SHTF?

The best location to bug out to is an ongoing discussion between preppers. Some say that you should move to the mountains. Some say that you should move to the woods. Some say that you shoudl move out of the country. Few say that you should bug out to an urban location.

But there is a place that you should consider, if you can get there: Taos, New Mexico, specifically,  to a neighborhood called The Greater World Earthship Community which is a neighborhood specifically designed to be self-sufficient. This is a small community ready to live off-grid now with all houses being built with the following principles in mind:

  • Harvests water – This is a low-rainfall area, so gathering water is especially important.
  • Uses and reuses sewage – Grey water and sewage from the home are sent four-feet underground to nourish the plants in the yard.
  • Uses thermal mass for heating and cooling: This basically means the the walls of the homes are not hollow like walls of most conventional homes but, instead, are solid to retain heat during from sunlight during colder months and to absorb heat during warmer months to keep the home cool. This design helps to maintain a relatively cool temperature (71 degrees) in the home year-round and reduces dependence on heating and cooling units which use electricity or gas. One resident says that his utilities are $300 per year: $100 for propane, $200 for “supplementary water delivery.”
  • Uses recycled and natural materials.
  • Uses solar and wind power.
  • Produces food.

And, in case you are wondering, resident Tom Duke said some people ask if this community is a cult. His reply is:

“If it is, it is a tire-pounding, beer-drinking cult, and that’s about it.”

So, if you decide to move to The Greater World Earthship Community, it doesn’t appear that you’ll have to deal with any scary Jim Jones tactics, just people who want to be sefl-sufficient and, likely in some cases, people who are environmentalists and want to be good stewards of their resources in their practice of their environmentalism. As long as they treat it as voluntary and not government-mandated, then I think good stewardship is smart.

What do you think, would moving to The Greater World Eartship Community interest you? Why or why not? Comment below.

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