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One Shocking Incident Just Gave People A Scare About The COVID Vaccine

One Shocking Incident Just Gave People A Scare About The COVID Vaccine

Dr. Gregory Michael Death

The Wuhan virus continues to trap the United States in a holding pattern.

Pro-lockdown officials are urging Americans to take the coronavirus vaccine.

But one shocking incident just gave people a scare about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, pro-lockdown politicians, and the so-called mainstream media are determined to strongarm the nation into vaccine compliance.

The strategy is the same as it was for masks – tell Americans they cannot resume their lives until they do as they’re told.

Dr. Fauci even said the independent American spirit has been a roadblock in people doing as they’re told.

But some have raised legitimate concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine, especially now that one physician tragically died.

Dr. Gregory Michael, 56, was hospitalized three days after taking Pfizer’s COVID vaccine and eventually died of a hemorrhagic stroke.

His wife, Heidi Neckelmann, said his immune system was shot after receiving the vaccine.

“The CBC that was done at his arrival showed his platelet count to be 0” when a normal count “ranges from 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood…He was admitted to the ICU with a diagnosis of acute ITP caused by a reaction to the COVID vaccine…No matter what [the doctors] did, the platelets count refused to go up. He was conscious and energetic through the whole process but 2 days before a last resort surgery, he got a hemorrhagic stroke caused by the lack of platelets that took his life in a matter of minutes,” Neckelmann said.

Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson pointed out that the death of Dr. Michael was largely ignored because it was counter-narrative.

Neckelmann made the same point during her statement.

“He was a pro-vaccine advocate that is why he got it himself. I believe that people should be aware that side effects can happened [sic], that it is not good for everyone and in this case destroyed a beautiful life, a perfect family, and has affected so many people in the community.”

Pfizer denies any correlation between their vaccine and Dr. Michael’s death which is currently being investigated.

While adverse reactions to vaccines are rare, they still happen.

But it’s for that reason alone that total vaccine compliance should not be a prerequisite for reopening society.

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