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Shocking Evidence Means Coronavirus Isn’t Nearly As Deadly As Once Believed

Shocking Evidence Means Coronavirus Isn’t Nearly As Deadly As Once Believed


The Wuhan virus has caused immeasurable damage and changed society forever.

Fear over the spread of the virus caused governments to take unprecedented action.

But shocking new evidence shows that the coronavirus may not be nearly as deadly as once believed.

Tests show that the coronavirus has now been confirmed in 1.54 million cases in the United States, resulting in nearly 91,000 deaths.

That would put the Wuhan virus mortality rate at about 5.9%.

However, new data suggests the pandemic could be less deadly by an order of magnitude.

More states have begun antibody testing which has shown that far more people have had the coronavirus than originally thought.

For example, Arizona has roughly 14,000 confirmed cases, but antibody testing shows approximately 3.5% of the population tested positive, which means over a quarter million people in the state have already had the coronavirus.

That drops Arizona’s mortality from 4.88% to 0.27%.

A similar trend is happening nationwide.

The demographic that’s hardest hit is overwhelming the elderly, particularly those in nursing homes. Between 40-60% of coronavirus deaths have occurred in nursing homes, and the median age for those killed by the virus is above 80 years old.

Worse yet, states seem to be reporting inaccurate death totals.

In Colorado, governor Jared Polis changed how his state would be categorizing coronavirus deaths.

The state drew distinctions between people who died as a result of the coronavirus, and people who died while having the coronavirus.

That dropped the state’s coronavirus death toll from 1,150 to 878 – nearly a 24% drop.

The move was prompted after a man who’d tested positive for the coronavirus died of alcohol toxicity; his BAC level was seven times the legal limit.

However, his death was classified as a coronavirus death.

Similarly, in San Diego, county supervisor Jim Desmond said that only 6 of 194 recorded coronavirus deaths were purely a result of the virus.

During a podcast interview, Desmond said, “We’ve unfortunately had six pure, solely coronavirus deaths — six out of 3.3 million people…We want to be safe, and we can do it, but unfortunately, it’s more about control than getting the economy going again and keeping people safe.”

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Also, the methodology for the doom-and-gloom models that triggered the excessive lockdown orders appears to be completely flawed.

Asymptomatic people may not even be able to spread the virus.

As more and more data rolls in, it’s getting harder and harder to justify the draconian shelter in place procedures.

People stayed home to flatten the curve and prevent the healthcare system from getting overwhelmed. Now that the benchmark has been met, it’s time to reopen the country.

The coronavirus doesn’t appear nearly as lethal to the average person as originally suggested.

It’s time to get back to work while continuing to socially distance and protect the at-risk population.

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