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Shocking Arrest Proves The Border Crisis Isn’t Over

Shocking Arrest Proves The Border Crisis Isn’t Over

CPB Arrest

The Wuhan virus and nationwide riots have America on edge.

Millions are out of work and thousands are rampaging through the streets.

Meanwhile, one shocking arrest proves the border crisis isn’t over.

The Democrats have become a dangerous party because they no longer believe in America.

A growing strain of the left hates the country and wants all its institutions torn to the ground.

That’s clear as day with the assault on the statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt.

Even Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant – the two men most responsible for defeating the Confederacy – have had their statues defaced and destroyed.

The coronavirus has shown that Democrats no longer believe in civil liberties. They’ve cheered on the draconian crackdowns on small businesses, forcing more and more Americans to rely on purchasing goods from the mega-corporations—supposedly the liberals sworn enemies.

Democrats also don’t believe in the sovereignty of the United States. They’ve openly called for the abolition of ICE and CBP, decriminalizing illegal border crossings, and universal healthcare for illegal aliens.

The border crisis did die down at the height of the Wuhan virus panic as Donald Trump tightened border controls and ensured job openings went to Americans first, but there are still people trying to enter the country illegally and willing to attack border agents to do so.

Now a shocking arrest made by border patrol agents shows that smugglers and human traffickers are still in business.

CBP recently busted a tractor-trailer hiding 12 illegal aliens behind bales of hay.

Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke said, “Human smugglers have no regard for life…This tight space within the hay-stacks was not ventilated and was not designed with passenger safety in mind. I am proud of our agents. Their dedication to service and the preservation of life prevented serious harm from befalling these individuals.”

These are the extreme measures human traffickers and border crossers will take.

In 2019 on an average day, CBP might’ve seized nearly two tons of narcotics and almost a quarter-million dollars in cash.

But that’s a drop in the bucket for cartels who profit greatly from smuggling and aid from globalists like George Soros.

In his book, Soros argues that his greatest obstacle is national sovereignty. So he won’t bat an eye in breaking the backs of American’s to reach his goals.

Meanwhile, Americans are often told that immigrants commit fewer crimes than American citizens – a misleading assertion because it combines legal and illegal immigration.

And even if that claim were true, the illegal alien crime rate should be zero, but there are still harrowing stories of crimes committed by people who didn’t come into the country the right way.

No matter how horrible the left claims America is, people are still risking death in a poorly ventilated trailer to get here during a deadly pandemic.

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